Kim Kardashian To Appear On India’s Big Brother; Photos: North West Smiles!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is currently in Australia to promote her new perfume (it smells like her specialty, oiled up plastic) while North West‘s “aunties” take her to the zoo and treat her to her first hot chocolate. Poor Kim is probably anxious to be home with her precious little girl again. 

HAHAHA. Just. Kidding.

Actually, Kim is headed to India and Dubai next. North? North who?? While in India, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians fameho will move into the Bigg Boss house as “a guest to interact with the contestants.” Bigg Boss is India’s version of Big Brother. Obviously, the Bigg Boss contestants lost a challenge, and Kim Kardashian is their punishment. 


Colors, the TV network, released a promo of Kim saying “Hello India, I am Kim Kardashian, and I am coming to the Bigg Boss house” in Hindi. Kim will enter the house this coming Saturday, November 22nd. 

No word yet on how long Kim will be locked in the house. Just know, it won’t be long enough. Pamela Anderson appeared on Bigg Boss in 2010. She stayed for three days. My guess is that Kim agreed to stay two or three days. My hope is that Kim will spontaneously combust after an hour of not being able to tweet a selfie. See a few photos of North enjoying the zoo:



Photo Credit: Daniel Deme/ and Instagram