Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Mom’s The Word

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood didn’t really bring the drama full force. Everything just kind of happened. People yelled, but they stopped yelling before the hair pulling could ensue. The cast, for the most part, was calm and kind–by their standards at least! And, I didn’t have to have my eyes assaulted with any of Nikki’s mesh ensembles! That’s a win. 

Apryl, Omarion and Leslie are in so much love with baby Mega. Not only is Omarion amazed at how well his girlfriend and his mother getting along, the women are bonding over motherhood. Apryl is waiting for her mom to come visit, but she has a totally different relationship with her than Omarion has with Leslie. She tears up discussing the distance between she and her mother, and she vows not to be that kind of mother to her son. Apryl wants a second grandmother for Mega, and Leslie now seems to better understand her son’s girlfriend. Enough about this craziness…show us the precious baby!


Nia and Morgan are catching up on a walk, and Morgan is complaining about losing her job (again) with Ray-J. When did these two become friends? Nia reveals that she thinks she’s pregnant, and the positive pregnancy test clinched the deal (I’d say so). Soulja Boy is in Brazil, and she’s worried how he’ll react. He’s so great with Cameron, but she’s not sure their relationship is in a place that is ready for a baby. Across town, Masika is recording Hazel’s former song with Berg. All’s fair in love and hip hop as far as Berg is concerned. Plus, he can’t be concerned with Hazel’s obsession as he focused on his all white birthday party. Berg, Diddy you are not. He’s extended an invitation to Hazel even though Masika will be his date. Berg believes that if Hazel can come to his shindig and see him macking on someone else, she’ll get the picture. Um, I’m guessing she may have also gotten the picture had she not been invited at all. This drama is so manufactured. 

love hip hop hollywood hazel ray

That evening, Berg is hosting his party in West Hollywood. What the hell is he wearing? In an effort to be rebellious, Hazel has arrived with Ray-J, and she’s wearing all black. Hazel thinks that Ray may be her only friend left. That’s hashtag sad for sure. If Ray was my only friend, I’d be in a bad way as well. As Hazel fumes over being wronged by everyone–including former roommate Teairra Mari–Ray opines that she needs to be the bigger person. Perhaps she can learn a thing or two from him as he plans to mend fences with Teairra tonight. He needs to right his wrongs and clean up his messes. 

Berg takes the mic and exchanges “I love yous” with Masika before she goes into a long toast that is only meant to make Hazel feel dumb. Masika then turns up the song that Berg gifted her. When Hazel realizes what has happened, she starts rapping her lyrics at the top of her lungs. Berg admonishes Hazel for coming to cause trouble (what did he think would happen?) and gets on her for not wearing white. Teairra rolls up on the conversation, and Hazel is over her former friend trying to bust onto the scene. As Masika and Hazel’s yelling escalates, Sincere shows up for no other reason than camera time. The feud is extinguished as quickly as it began, and Hazel suddenly has the revelation that there was one person who was telling her straight about Berg from the beginning…Teairra. Well, you don’t say! Ray intervenes to make sure his friend is alright, and he asks to speak to Teairra in private. 

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Over facetime with Soulja, Nia plans to share her news. Unfortunately, he’s prepping to go on stage, he’s not alone in his hotel room as she hoped. Soulja is far too distracted to pick up on Nia’s hints that she has something very personal and important and earth shattering to tell him, and he’s ushered off without giving her a second thought. Meanwhile, Teairra is leery of Ray’s intentions, but he starts into what appears by all counts to be a very sincere apology about his behavior and the way he’s treated her. When Ray mentions his girlfriend, Teairra starts to go off on how immature his new lady is. Ray wishes that she would move on from him and not just pretend that she’s happy for him. As a recent inductee into an anger management course, Ray refuses to let Teairra push her buttons. However, she goes off on how she knows Ray and Princess are unhappy as Princess believes that Ray has been stepping out on her. However could Teairra be privy to this information? Motormouth Morgan, of course!

After his party, Berg is shocked that he’s ended up back at Masika’s apartment. She’s been his friend for a long time, so she’s wary of him when he pushes for a relationship. Masika has seen the long list of women coming in and out every night of the week, so she’s skeptical when he tries to charm her into a monogamous relationship. These people are plain fools, and it’s even worse given the recent news of Berg’s domestic violence against Masika. He’s a pathetic little punk.

Apryl’s mother has finally arrived, and she has fallen head over heels for Mega. Her mother gets very upset when Apryl isn’t receptive to a conversation, and it opens the door for Apryl to air her issues against her mother for their tumultuous past. Apryl wants answers about why her mom left and formulated stories to shape Apryl’s feelings towards her absent father. Regardless of Apryl’s pleading, her mom is hesitant to talk about the painful issues they faced. 

love hip hop hollywood teairra

Still confused by her conversation with Ray, Teairra enlists the help of his mom. His mom is a voice of reason, and she knows that Ray is capable of loving a woman because he loves her so much. Teairra knows Ray so well, that when he says he’s happy, she knows it’s a front…and she feels the need to share this with his mom…because that’s appropriate. Ray’s mother is understanding of Teairra’s heartbreak, but she reminds her son’s ex that she can’t force the relationship. What’s meant to be will fall into place. Preach, Ray-J’s mom!

Before she can tell Soulja the baby news, Nia suffers a miscarriage. She’s upset that she has to deal with this while her boyfriend parties on another continent. Not one to leave well enough alone, Ray wants to meet up with Morgan to unload on her about what he heard from Teairra. Morgan, unfortunately, thinks that Ray wants to make up after their constant fighting. Um, no. Morgan counters that Princess is the one who comes to her with all of their problems, not the other way around. Ray throws insults such as “you’ll always be alone” and “you don’t even have a car” which is definitely not in tune with his earlier sunshine and roses speech. He’s such a douche. 


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