Love & Hip Hop Recap: Bail And Babies

love hip hop mendeecees yandy

So last night was the return of Love & Hip Hop. Some old favorites returned (along with some of the more unsavory characters) along with a new crew. Joe Budden is gone (at least for now). I’m not sure how I feel about this! I am happy that Mendeecees is out on bail, and Yandy Smith is over the moon to have her fiance back in the free world. Speaking of couples, Erica Mena and Cyn are back together and sharing Chipotle (at least for now). Erica’s even made her breakfast in bed in hopes of convincing her to co-habitate. Cyn is still a bit jealous over Erica’s recent on-air kiss with Lil’ Bow Wow…little does she know! Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly are back together and expecting a baby girl. Amina is still blinded by love and stupidity for still being with this jack leg. At the ultrasound he mistakes the baby’s leg for a “giant penis” just like his. Good gracious. Amina questions Peter’s recent outings with his sons…he drops his son off at school and then doesn’t return until late at night. #redflag

We meet Diamond Strawberry, and she’s an aspiring model. Oh, and she’s also the daughter of famed baseball player Darryl Strawberry. Diamond wants to pursue her dreams in New York (how else is she going to be on this franchise), but her Los Angeles based family is less than supportive. It’s a sudden and drastic move (per Diamond), but she’s hoping it will bring her closer to her music producer boyfriend Cisco. Cut to Cisco who is in town to wine and dine Diamond and talking about his hustle and his connections. The couple complains about how difficult their long distance relationship is, and Diamond is happy to move to New York after dating for two years. Wait what? Cisco likes the status quo. Sure, Diamond is his one and only…when he’s with her in L.A., but he’s enlisted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” clause in their relationship, and he needs Diamond to abide…and stay on the West Coast.


Tara Wallace is finally over Peter (took her long enough!), and she and her sons have moved into a new apartment. Here’s hoping she’s traded in that old blue sofa as well! She’s working out with Yandy’s cousin Maurice (remember that Instagram drama from last season? Glad to see his fifteen seconds are still a go!). After an intense work-out, Peter drops in to see his sons, and he breaks the news that Amina is having a girl. He wants to introduce his boys to their new sister when she arrives. Nope, not going to happen! Peter is confused. He’s not sure he wouldn’t be with Tara if it wasn’t for Amina’s pregnancy (and that pesky marriage). As he gropes Tara and asks if she misses him, she manages to escape his grasp, telling him to just “do him.” I’m glad to see that Peter’s bad behavior is a constant in this ever changing world!

love hip hop chrissy dog

Chrissy is a model manager with the hottest girls who only parties at the hottest social events. Her dog is also wearing a clown wig. Poor little guy. Wait, her dog Marge is wearing multiple wigs…and hats. Someone call Sarah McLaughlin! Chrissy dates Chink who has worked with some pretty famous musicians. They’ve been dating for a year, and Chink is delicately transitioning while trying to figure out if he should finalize his divorce. Chink wants his (soon to be?) ex-wife to get the closure she needs. And cue an awkward make-out session.

Little Mendeecees is adorable, and he’s trying his hand at acting. He hasn’t seen his father in ages, and Yandy has planned a surprise reunion. I’m not going to lie…I got teary. Little Mendeecees is grinning from ear to ear when he’s reunited with his dad. Speaking of cute kids, what’s up with these women leaving their kids behind to go forge a relationship with a d-bag who is clearly cheating? Diamond bids farewell to her young daughter, promising to send for her soon once she’s settled with Cisco. Meanwhile, Cisco is loving his double life in New York that’s spent spending money and living in the fast lane…if the fast lane is flanked on every side by strippers. He needs this escape so he can be a good boyfriend to Diamond the few days a month he spends with her. That’s love and sacrifice, y’all!

love hip hop little mendeecees

Yandy has planned a welcome home party for Medeecees, and there he is—Rich Dollaz! Finally! He spies Chrissy, and he hopes he can borrow some of her models for an upcoming business venture. Chrissy is hesitant…she doesn’t mingle with people who mingle with Erica Mena. Rich admits that he hasn’t talked to Erica in five months, and Chrissy thinks Erica has become too “Hollywood.” Chrissy reveals that Erica used to be an escort for her, you know, when she was “allegedly” a madame. The following day, Mendeedees has surprised Yandy with a getaway.

Across town, Chrissy has agreed to help Rich with the models for his calendar. She’s fine working with him as long as Erica is no where in the picture. Rich admits that while the duo hasn’t talked in months, he did just get a call from her people saying he owes her money. He’s asked her to come to the model casting so that they can discuss her claims like true adults (when does that ever happen on this show?). Chrissy warns Rich that he’d better keep the ladies in separate rooms. Rich meets with Erica, and she feels that her former beau took advantage of her by not paying her performance fees. Impatient with Rich, Chrissy storms into their meeting, bleeping left and right, reminding Erica that she “used to whore” for her and calling her a “prostitute/escort.” Wait, didn’t Chrissy herself say her madame days were of the “alleged” variety? Doesn’t sound like it here!

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Mendeecees has whisked Yandy to Las Vegas as a thank you for all she’s done for him over the past year. He’s actually super cute and charming as he talks about how she’s his best friend. He brings her to a wedding chapel and hopes that she’s ready to take this leap. Yandy seems hesitant at first, but she agrees to marry him right then and there…until they’re at the altar. 


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