Updated: Police Searching For Rudy Lopez In Connection With The Box Cutter Attack On Mob Wives’ London Rene!

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And here I was thinking that the women on Mob Wives are scary! Imagine my shock when I learned that Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rene was the victim of a violent crime that left him having to get hundreds of stitches. Truth be told, I was even more surprised that his brutal box cutter slashing incident didn’t happen at the hands of Natalie. She seems like she’d cut a person quick.

According to TMZ, London was attacked outside a Brooklyn nightclub early Sunday morning. The assailant slashed his face, arm, and abdomen, London to have to get over two hundred stitches on his face alone. How horrible! Considering the brutal assault, it appears that London is very lucky. Now, police are trying to catch the assailant. You certainly won’t be super shocked to learn, that in a blonde moment, I mistook that the culprit was a “friend of Rene’s” as in Renee Graziano, when actually, the alleged attacker is (or should I say was) a friend of London Rene’s. I have the flu…can that be my excuse?


London’s Mob Wives girlfriend is understandably upset about the situation, and she’s taking to social media to make sure London’s attacker is brought to justice. According to the New York Post, police are searching for Rudolpho “Rudy” Lopez who is said to be an acquaintance of London’s. London revealed to TMZ that he believed the attack stemmed from a “rumor” going around about Rudy.

Natalie posted the above picture of London’s injuries on her Instagram, sharing, “London was just sliced in the face @ Club OUTPUT in Brooklyn. In ER, Wood hull hospital getting over 250 in stitches @MobWives @VH1”

Once the police started focusing on the search for Rudy, Natalie posted the below photo on Instagram, writing, “Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Lopez is WANTED for the Attempted Murder of @LondonUKRene if u happen to see him or know of his location Plz call 800-577-TIPS or 911.”

Of course, this is causing a lot of backlash from followers, claiming that posting Rudy’s picture proves Natalie is, in fact, a cop caller. Seriously? Who WOULDN’T try to help catch the guy who allegedly tried to kill or grossly disfigure a loved one?

UPDATE: Natalie tells TMZ that Lopez was arrested this afternoon.  No word on what his official charge is yet. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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