Sister Wives Recap: Ken I Get An Apology?

sister wives

So did anyone change the channel from the Golden Globes to tune into Sister Wives? I think Kody Brown’s hair could have trumped any of the celebrity manes on the red carpet!

Last night was yet another road trip with the Browns to–you guessed it–meet another polygamist family! We also learn that the latest lady to move into the cul-de-sac compound is Christine’s mom. Mykelti is clearly her mother’s daughter when it comes to enthusiasm, and Janelle is nervous about returning home. After the vacation, Janelle hopes to speak to Meri about their tumultuous past. The family’s first stop is at their friend’s polygamy museum. Of course it is. Kody plans to hit him up for a business loan for My Sister Wife’s Closet. Kody asks for about $100,000, but his friend wants collateral for the loan. Perhaps Robyn would suffice? I just don’t see how that tacky jewelry inventory is worth securing that amount of money. 


If more poo spills on Kody during this RV trip, I will be a very happy person. For the first time since their move to Las Vegas, the Browns are returning to their Utah home that they fled quickly. The children were initially upset about the move, but Aspyn eloquently states that they’ve all grown up so much, it’s just a memory now. The Browns are hoping to sell the house, and Christine can’t get off the property fast enough. I’m glad that Mariah was able to come back from her expensive college to make this trek. The next stop is Christine’s mother’s house. She has an entire home of furniture, and Christine has only allocated three rooms for her mom. Ooh, interesting…apparently Christine’s mother and Kody aren’t best buds. Christine has already lectured her mom about the importance of not taking sides in any of her fights with Kody, while making sure she doesn’t intrude too much on his home. Heads are going to butt for sure! I like this twist!

Poor Madison thought she’d escaped her family, but the entire crew has ascended upon her new college apartment. Robyn thinks that Maddie’s Facebook page makes her seem very homesick. Meri takes it upon herself to investigate Maddie’s refrigerator and cupboards, and Kody is hoping to finally make a connection with his daughter. It’s an awkward conversation with Kody praising his daughter’s choice in Mormon friends. As Kody espouses his wisdom, Robyn and Christine are busy short-sheeting Maddie’s bed, rearranging her kitchen, and hiding her belongings. Mature! 

Kody believes he’s made the ultimate connection with Madison, and he’s ready to keep on keepin’ on with this road trip. The next stop is the hotel where he and Meri spent the first night of their honeymoon. Robyn feigns being appalled before capturing it on camera. The family was supposed to spend the day with Robyn’s friend, but he has cancelled their plans. With an open afternoon, Janelle suggests that Kody call his best friend Ken from high school. Unfortunately, Ken isn’t thrilled with Kody’s decision to take multiple wines, and to say that Christine hates Ken would be an understatement. The other wives just see Ken as fun guy with his own opinions with polygamy…as they all have. Christine, however, refuses to forgive and forget his comments about Kody divorcing some wives and returning to the church. She is throwing a class A tantrum about this Ken fellow! 

Tabling the Ken discussion, the Browns pick up some for their kids from camp and take them to Yellowstone. Kody jokes that it’s sometimes awkward to see his children after a long period of time because he doesn’t know if he’ll even get a hug. That’s not funny, that’s sad. Lucky for Christine, Ken doesn’t want to see her either is busy and can’t get together with Kody. Christine still demands that Kody ask Ken for an apology. When Kody refuses, Christine storms off yelling that she hopes he’s not staying with her tonight. Looks like someone is going to be sleeping on the sofa! Kody refuses to play into her hair flipping, door slamming, and foot stomping. She’s me at age twelve. 

The RV convoy decides to slow down a bit to stop and smell the roses. It’s time for a picnic! Now that the children are done with camp, Janelle is happy to see her kids. Kody has offered Gabriel ten dollars to pull out a loose tooth. It involves pliers, and Kody gets miffed when his wives question his parenting in this situation. At the local KOA, Kody is approached by a super fan who is in awe of his ability to keep four wives happy when this guy can barely keep his one life happy. Kody and Christine try to civilly discuss her hatred for Ken and Kody’s show of disrespect by maintaining a friendship with Ken in light of her feelings for him.

Christine is adamant about getting an apology from Ken. Kody says (and I quote) he feels like his “testicles will shrink” if he has to go to his friend and say, “my wife won’t let me play with you anymore until you apologize to my whiny wife.” Sidebar, how many denim shirts can one man own? Christine refuses to back down. She’s confused and hurt by her husband’s friendship with Ken. Kody isn’t willing to cow tow to Christine’s demand that he choose Ken or her. Hell, all of his friends think he’s crazy for having multiple wives. What doesn’t Christine understand about that? Christine feels like she’s single-handedly ruined the family vacation. She’d be right. I feel like they finally agree to disagree. Meri tries to lighten the mood by instigating a marshmallow fight among the family. 


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