Love & Hip Hop Recap: Gunz Blazing

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Oh, Love & Hip Hop! Anything for a story line, right? If this is how we’re going to play the entire season, I’m going to need Mona Scott Young to invest in some serious acting classes for Diamond Strawberry. She is far from believable. She’s anticipating (and responding) to Cisco’s baby mama drama before he can even get the words out of his mouth. Last night’s episode begins with Diamond flipping out over the news that Cisco has a six month old child with his other child’s mother when he and Diamond have “been together for two years.” He defends his baby mama to her outcries of “that ho” and “that b!tch,” but he feels horrible to upset Diamond at her own party. Diamond can’t believe this turn of events. Doesn’t he know she left her friends and family back in L.A. to make this work? By God, her daughter misses her. No one feels badly for you stupid decision to move away from your child for some cheating man, honey.

Peter Gunz is still walking a fine line between Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. Peter shares that he’s been tapped to be the face of a new energy drink, and they need him to fly to Trinidad for a photo shoot. I think he meant to say he was taking a family vacation to Barbados with Tara and his boys. Amina is floored that he could possibly miss the birth of their child. She is, after all, due in two weeks. Peter guarantees that he won’t miss the birth unless there’s a hurricane. He guilts her by saying that now more than ever they need the money. I wonder what’s going to happen when she finds out he’s spending money on Tara instead of making it. He feels bad lying to his wife, but a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do, right? 


It seems that Erica Mena isn’t able to smooth things over with Cyn as easily as she’d hoped. She seeks the advice of her mother. Erica’s career is going so well, but she wants to find happiness and peace in her personal life. She’s concerned that her persona–which pays the bills–is detrimental to her relationships. Her mother is supportive and urges her not to be so hard on herself. 

Well, well, well. Chrissy returns, and her hair is all sorts of unfortunate. Her boyfriend Chink is acting sketchy, and Chrissy wants to get to the bottom of his behavior. She meets up with Rich Dollaz to find out if she should be concerned about groupies. What’s to keep these hos from taking him into the bathroom for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ while she’s none the wiser. These women confuse me to no end. If I thought for a second that my boyfriend would entertain that notion, he wouldn’t be my boyfriend. Secondly, if he did, it would be HIS fault, not some anonymous girl! Rich assures Chrissy that all is good with Chink and promises her she has nothing to worry about. 

What is with the characters on L&HH that they like to pass around pregnancy tests which have been urinated on??? Yandy Smith surprises Mendeecees Harris with a positive test. He is very excited, but he’s worried about his pending case. Mendeecees is fearful of the thought that he could be leaving another child behind if he has to return to jail. He’s totally hoping for a girl though! Meanwhile, it must be Mother’s Day on this episode. Diamond’s mother is visiting yet again, and her mother hates to say “I told you so,” but, well, she did. Diamond reveals that she isn’t quite ready to return to Los Angeles. No, she’s not willing to give him a second chance, but she does want to see how her modeling career could pan out on the east coast. What about her daughter? Oh, she’ll “send for her” at some point. Mrs. Strawberry is convinced that Diamond just wants to stay close to Cisco, and she’d personally like to give him a piece of her mind. 

Oh man! I totally forgot about Erica and Cyn’s clothing line. Cyn has been so preoccupied with her love life that she has also totally forgotten about it. She’s meeting with their business consultant to find out whether the line is making money because she’s yet to see a dime. Heck, she hasn’t even seen the clothing! Erica even had the gall to tell Cyn that their consultant was stealing from them. Um, what? If anything, the consultant swears she’s getting stiffed and the clothing line is making a fortune. She warns Cyn that she wants nothing to do with the manipulative Erica. 

This trip to Barbados is totally kid friendly. If Tara uses the excuse of “co-parenting” one more time, I may scream. She’s not fooling anyone, including herself. As Tara plays with their boys in the water, Peter chats on the phone with Amina. He’s spinning a grand web of lies surrounding the fake photo shoot while espousing how much he misses her. Back in the States, Cisco is having a sit down with Lisa Strawberry. He expected to open the door to a grandmother-type, but he finds her to be more baum chicka bow wow. He’s feeling a Mrs. Robinson vibe for sure. When she questions his horrible treatment of Diamond, Cisco tells his sob story of not knowing how to receive love from a woman due to his childhood. Mrs. Strawberry is shocked to find out that Diamond showed up in NYC unannounced and without an invitation. Additionally, she had no idea that Diamond kept her daughter a secret. He wants to work his relationship with Diamond, but Lisa warns him to leave her daughter alone. Cisco doesn’t want her wrath. 

I’d almost forgotten that Chink was on this show. He’s in the studio working with rapper J. Dinero, and the pair is interrupted by Chrissy.  This is clearly the night of horrible hairpieces. Chrissy is pissed because Chink had told her that he was out of town. He neglected to mention that he came back in town…and her friend saw him in the club with a girl. Chrissy hasn’t heard from Chink in days, and she’s giving him the third degree. J. Dinero chimes in to make sure everything is okay…and to remind Chink that she’s already paid for this studio session. 

While Peter relaxes in paradise, Amina sullenly shops for some last minute nursery details. Tara is living the fantasy of the perfect family. How quickly she forgets that the man she loves not only cheated on her repeatedly, but he married another woman behind her back! Peter thinks he’s finally made up her mind. Tara is the woman for him. At least for now. As he wants to rebuild his relationship, another is falling apart…again. Cyn is livid to learn about the clothing line. She confronts Erica about her conversation with the business consultant. Erica is immediately on the defensive. Erica finds it to be the ultimate petrayal (seriously, I think that’s what she said). As Cyn yells, Erica exits stage left. She certainly isn’t proving her point with this behavior. Cyn chases down Erica, and there is a lot of “part time girlfriend” accusations thrown about like confetti. Gracious. 

Back in Barbados, Peter is planning a romantic evening with Tara. He approaches the subject of reconciliation, but Tara reminds him that she deserves better. Doesn’t he recall the fact that he’s got a pregnant wife back home? She is tired of his crap, and he’s had his chance. She tells him that she still loves him, but he isn’t able to love her the way he should…without loving any other women at the same time. A tearful Tara needs to move on and rebuild her life. Perhaps this trip actually was about co-parenting? He needs a therapist for his cheating addiction. Every guy Peter knows is a cheater. Why can’t she just support him in his illness? He’s quite the piece of work! Tara is finally sticking up for herself, and I must admit that I’d be really impressed if this were real. I do hope that Tara lowers her voice though…she’s going to wake their boys with all this yelling. A defeated Peter sulks away. 


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