Is Kris Jenner Being A Total Diva? Is Kylie Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby?

 Kris Jenner

You know, a lot of times I’ll read reality star gossip, and I think, “That is way too far fetched to be true.” However, whenever I read the most ridiculous stories about the Kardashians, I tend to believe them…the more unbelievable the better. This post is no exception. We’ve got Kris Jenner thinking she’s the bees knees (shocking, I know), as well as daughter Kylie getting tongues wagging for something other than overly plumped lips.

Kris is ready to stop being a pimp momager. Instead she believes she’s a celebrity in her own right. And why shouldn’t she? She’s gotten almost all of her daughters to a place where they are comfortable fame whoring on their own. She’s done her job, and it’s time for her to enjoy the fruits of her labor. And speaking of labor…we’ll get to that in a moment!


For some reason, someone thought it would be a great idea to ask Kris present an award at the UK’s National Television Awards. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, Kris is excited about the gig because it has given her the opportunity to make a ton of over-the-top and divalicious demands. 

The source tells the site, “Kris sent a long list of demands before agreeing to do the show. She doesn’t do stairs, germs, or Z listers and has to fly first class.” In fact, the insider adds that Kris refuses to walk up or down any more than six steps at a time and will only drink Cristal. Of course she will.

In what sounds to be a very J-Lo-esque contract rider, the source concludes, “Kris also insists her dressing room is painted white and filled with seasonal flowers and Jo Malone products.”

Perhaps Kris should enjoy this little bit of being a celebrity in her own right (it pained me to type that) because there is a rumor going around that she may have another grandchild to mold into a mini-reality star. I truly don’t believe this news, but In Touch is reporting that Kylie is allegedly pregnant. The seventeen-year-old has been dating twenty-four-year old rapper Tyga for several months, and the baby gossip is running rampant. A source close to Kylie tells the magazine, “She just found out [she’s pregnant]. She loves Tyga and sees a future with him. She’s happy.”

Not surprisingly, Kris is anything but happy. The same source states, “She was screaming, telling Kylie she was going to kill her and that she never should have let this happened. Kris tried to ban Kylie from dating Tyga. Kylie told her to mind her own business,” adding, “”She’ll calm down and get her priorities straight because she really wants to have this baby.”

In what some people assume is her attempt to add fuel to the baby rumor fire, Kylie posted the below picture on her Instagram. I don’t know about y’all, but that just looks like a teenager in a voluminous coat whose mother hasn’t taught her that a more natural look is far more age appropriate. P.S. Who lets their high school junior (if she hadn’t dropped out of high school, of course) date a much older rapper who already has a kid?  Also, see Kylie’s new cover of Cosmo below!


[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN; Instagram]

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