sister wives

That’s right, folks! We’re still road tripping with Kody Brown and his wives on yet another family vacation with the objective of meeting some more polygamists! Last night’s Sister Wives begins as the crew treks across Utah. Not surprisingly, Christine is still bitter that Kody isn’t willing to ask his friend for an apology over an offensive comment made about Kody having multiple wives. You couldn’t pay me to stay in those RVs. Geez, don’t these ladies clean? Janelle is already to cash out on this vacay, and I can’t say I blame her. Robin and Meri are presenting a united front of staying in the background….that’s a first for once!

Kody calls a meeting of the wives, and Christine apologizes for adding tension to an already miserable situation. Meri thinks that Christine needs to keep her mouth shut, and Robyn opines about how hard it is when Kody is feuding with a wife. Clearly, the other wives are going to side with Kody, but it can cause a rift among the sister wives. I really don’t feel like it’s a big deal given that the ladies really don’t like each other anyway. Kody lectures Christine about her hormones emotions, as they cause him to be on the defensive. He’s not a fan of PMS. Oh no he didn’t! Christine understands his questioning and admits to suffering from PMS. So sorry that her body isn’t syncing up to Kody’s idea of what a menstrual cycle should be. He’s the king of the d-bags, and Christine won’t let it die. Hurt feelings, you know!


The family heads towards Montana to see the Colliers. They are a polygamist family that the Browns have met once before, and Janelle has kept up with them over social media. The Colliers aren’t in the closet as far as their lifestyle is concerned given that their license plate reads “PolyFam.” Kody wants to know that they are a happy family because he’s now the authority on polygamists. The family descends upon the Colliers, and I’m worried they aren’t all going to fit in this house.

Nathan has two wives and he courted both at the same time. They have five children at home and three grown children. One of the Collier wives tells Christine that when he spends the night with one wife, he makes sure to tuck the other in before heading to the other’s bedroom. The Colliers are happy to be out as polygamists, and Nathan is also open about his snuff habit. Can he please take the dip out for his interviews? While they worshiped as LDS Mormons, Nathan always knew polygamy was for him. His family was then excommunicated from the church. Sidebar, Nathan has a Garth Brooks vibe in one of his wedding photos. I wonder if they are vying for spin-off like Brady and crew!

Kody questions whether the Colliers are courting a new wife. They reveal that they are hoping to welcome a new wife into their family, and she’s the best friend of one of the current wives. Meri sees how that pre-existing relationship between the wives could be both a blessing and a curse. The familiarity makes the inevitable jealously even stronger. Christine loves this family, and she hopes that Kody will pursue a friendship with Nathan. He’s a way better influence on her husband than close-minded Ken!

The following day, both families are prepared for some farm fun…until Kody and some of his kids are the victims of a wasp attack. Kody is a bigger baby than Truly when it comes to getting stung. Nathan and his wives have a large piece of property where they plan to build their own compound, complete with separate kitchens for each wife. The day is going to filled with ATV riding, and Robyn is worried about Dayton. He’s suffering from anxiety given that he had a horrific ATV accident that left him having to have multiple surgeries. Robyn basically forces Dayton to face his fears and get back on the ATV. Hell, I once fell off a bicycle and I don’t ever want to see one again. Poor guy! Of course, Dayton is a champ, and his family is excited he was able to overcome his fears. 

Over guns and other manly things, Kody and Nathan bond. Just like you can’t pick your favorite gun, it’s impossible to pick your favorite wife. Kody grills Nathan about his search for a new wife. I love the compilation of Nathan’s camo and Kody’s denim tuxedo. How am I just now realizing that Nathan’s wives look exactly the same? I’d love to see what this potential third wife looks like! Nathan admits that he’s on the verge of falling in love with lady number three, and he’s not doing this for the extra sex. He’s forty-five, so he’s past his prime. Really? That’s just sad. Unlike Kody, Nathan feels that any jealousy felt by his wives is his responsibility. If one of his wives is jealous, it’s clearly because he isn’t giving her what she needs. Kody is in shock. He believes his wives emotions are separate from his actions. Their jealousy is their problem, not his. This revelation doesn’t shock me in the least. 

Of course the Colliers have giant vans to transport their family. Nathan, Kody and wives all go on a double date. Or an octagonal date? I’m not quite sure. Nathan admits that he’s a polygamist by happenstance. He just fell in love with two women at the exact same time. Both of Nathan’s wives did not grow up knowing anything about polygamy, so the third date conversation of “so, I may want you and another girl to be my wives” was a bit awkward. When the family first formed, the women lived on opposite sides of the town with Nathan going back and forth. One of his wives couldn’t handle it and she left to marry (again?) and start her own family. After that marriage failed, she returned to Nathan and her sister wife. 

Over dinner, the women dish on how complex ladies are compared to their male counterparts. Kody interjects (no shock there!) to say he’s learned over time that his wives aren’t as initially crazy as he once thought. Man, these men are both such a catch! The menstrual cycles of Nathan’s wives are in sync, so he’s only forced into the crazy once a month. Janelle, the only slightly educated one, is highly offended by the fact that the women are being reduced to their biology and the three days a month that Kody just can’t even handle. While Christine proudly waves her PMS flag, Janelle excuses herself before going off on the Neanderthals in her presence. I can’t wait until she finally cuts her losses and runs for the hills. I’d watch her spin-off. 

After the initial adult dinner, the kids are brought in to eat. Aspyn and her siblings question the Colliers‘ kids about how they feel about being in a polygamist family. I say it every episode, but the Browns kids are the only saving grace of this show! To celebrate the end of their vacation and the two families forging a friendship, the Colliers and Browns go white water rafting. Spoiler alert, Kody doesn’t fall overboard. 


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