Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Demetria McKinney Defends Her Relationship With Roger Bobb

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I think the best part of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta is the addition of Roger Bobb, if for no other reason than I love saying his name. His relationship with newbie Demetria McKinney has come under scrutiny because, well, those who had known Roger Bobb for years never knew he was actually in a relationship.

Things became a bit more hairy when Kandi Burruss’ friend Gocha Hawkins claimed to date the producer a few years ago…which didn’t jive with Demetria’s timeline of their eight years together. However, Demetria is ready for everyone to stop worrying her relationship with Roger Bobb. Things are and have been just fine. How could they not be with a name like Roger Bobb? 


Speaking to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Demetria wants to put to rest any rumors from naysayers. The pair has been on and off, but she explains that regardless, Roger Bobb will always be in her life. She begins, “Roger and I, first off, are doing absolutely phenomenal. We are stronger than ever. These type of scenarios tend to break up relationships if they weren’t based on the right thing and if you don’t really trust each other. He has been my best friend for years. Whether we were together or not, we have always been in each other’s corners.”

Addressing Gocha’s chatter about her past with Roger Bobb, Demetria shares that she was well aware of Roger Bobb’s dalliance with Kandi’s friend. She asserts, “The thing with Blue’s Clues [Gocha] in the scene she says, ‘it was the month of November.’ The month of November of that year, [Roger and I] were not together.”

Demetria continues, “He has been my best friend for years. Whether we were together or not, we have always been in each other’s corners.”

Revealing her secret to a happy relationship, Demetria says, “We click because we let each other be who we are. Roger really isn’t a cusser, he doesn’t drink, he’s very much a workhorse and he’s pretty much an A-type personality to the nth power. Me? I like to drink, to cuss, I’m good at both. I’ll go to a strip club. I like to twerk. But I’m also very responsible with my responsibilities and aware of what my consequences are,” adding, “He doesn’t judge who I am and he loves the good, the bad, and the ugly the same way I do for him. And at the end of the day, I can talk to him and I can say, listen, I want to talk to my boyfriend, or my business partner, or my investor. I want to talk to my friend because my boyfriend is doing some dumb stuff. And we understand each other that way.”

And, at the end of the day, she’s with a guy whose name just rolls off tongue with such pizzazz. Roger Bobb. I love it. 


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