Shahs Of Sunset Star GG Gharachedaghi Clears Up Rape Allegations Against Mike Shouhed

Shahs of Sunset

Do y’all remember #SHAHctober? And do you remember how Ryan Seacrest and Bravo exploited rape allegations for ratings? Good times right? Well, three months later, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi found it in her heart to clear up the rape allegation against Mike Shouhed.

If you’ll recall, Ryan and Bravo began to promote #SHAHctober in September because season four of Shahs of Sunset was supposed to premiere October 13. That promotion went to hell when the post-production crew went on strike.

The rape rumor has been “out there” since and nobody cared enough to clear it up. Until now. Now that everyone’s lost interest and now that there’s a new premiere date on the calendar…. now GG can’t stomach the thought of such a terrible rumor to be “out there” about Mike


Gretchen Rossi, working as RumorFix’s celebrity correspondent at Sundance 2015, caught up with GG and asked about the explosive teaser.

“Unfortunately there was a big rumor floating around that I said he raped me,” bemoaned GG. “I want to clear tat up here now for the first time to say I never said that he raped me. I would never wish that to even be out there on him. As much as he and I don’t get along because of something that does happen on the season, I would never wish for that type of lie to be put on him. I never said that.”

Gretchen asked, “Media spinning the story?” GG said, “Absolutely.” Gretchen: “They just took that and completely manipulated it?” GG: “Absolutely.”

Um, I present to you this quote about the upcoming season taken directly from Ryan Seacrest’s website: “The gang is reeling from something that went down between Mike and GG when they all traveled to Turkey last season, a trip that seemed to bring them together at the time. But now, she says that he tried to sleep with her against her will, and she even takes a lie-detector test to prove she’s telling the truth!”

GG went on to say that “something” happened with Mike but – SHOCKER!! – we have to watch the show for the full scoop. “I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give the whole season away of what happens, but he did try to do something – it wasn’t rape – he made me uncomfortable. That whole story will come out this season. Everybody will see it from start to finish, on how I bring it up, what happens, and his future wife Jessica [Parido] being involved.”

Gretchen asked, “How is Jessica reacting?” GG answered “not well,” but she added, “They have a wedding date set, so I guess she doesn’t care too much.”


Photo Credit: Instagram