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I was strangely anticipating Christine’s mother’s addition to Sister Wives last night? The thought of another woman adding to Kody Brown’s misery makes me a bit giddy. It has the potential to be pretty amazing, although given how boring this season has been thus far, I won’t hold my breath. How many road trips can one family take? Oh wait? Another road trip on last night’s episode? The Browns should buy stock in U-Haul. 

Mykelti and Aspyn are moving into their apartment, and Christine is devastated that she’s losing her free help and baby-sitters. She has a genius plan…she’ll invite her mother to come live with her to fill in the gap. How about actually taking care of your kids yourself? Nah, too easy. Her two eldest daughters are excited to be moving in together. The sisters have come a long way in their relationship from the fighting preteens they once were. Mykelti jokes that they can practice being sister wives. Aspyn wisely believes that actual sisters as sister wives is a terrible idea. Both girls agree that their half-sister Mariah would be a hard person to be sister wives with if they had to choose. You think?


The family loads up the U-Haul and head to the new apartment. The boys are doing the heavy lifting, and Kody is sweating like nobody’s business. Christine, not surprisingly, is not dealing with two leaving the nest at once. Aspyn and Mykelti are excited to unpack and decorate, and they foresee themselves as roommates for at least the duration of college. Now that the girls have moved out, it’s time to move in Christine’s mother Annie. Kody should never wear a sweat band. Ever. He cites multiple mini-vans as a polygamist problem as they try to figure out the logistics of going to pick up Annie’s belongings in Utah. Janelle doesn’t envy the transition that is sure to ensue, but she’s happy to keep Truely if it means she doesn’t have to partake in this road trip. Smart move.

I’m confused as to why the entire family has to go to Utah to get Annie. Robyn is concerned that Christine and her mother are going to have a rocky time getting along. Christine reveals that the idea of sister wives was appealing to her because she wanted help with her kids (you don’t say), and she wanted to help her sister wives raise their kids. She goes off on Robyn for hiring a baby-sitter because it makes her feel as if Robyn doesn’t trust her with her kids. Robyn literally looks at her and says, “Are you serious?” Meri starts crying because she no longer has a child in her home to be in this argument. That leads Robyn to turn on the water works. Of course. She loves her sister wives. Christine is worried that the addition of her mother will lead her to rely less on here sister wives. 

Annie grew up in a polygamist family and enjoyed every second of it…that is, until she was fourteen. She forced herself to fall in love with a man she didn’t particularly care for and married him at seventeen. She was pregnant when she graduated from high school. When Annie’s husband took on a second wife, things took a turn for the worst as the women didn’t get along. Christine loved growing up with two moms and she was devastated when her mother decided to leave. Annie struggled with the notion that she would now be going to hell. She is now more than ready to spend her time with all of her grandchildren. The crew arrives, and Annie wonders why Kody has to make everything so chaotic. Preach, sister!  Watching the kids run wild, Annie knows that her presence is desperately needed. Annie keeps Kody on his toes, and I like it. 

As the family tours the house to see what Annie is bringing to Vegas, the boys are overwhelmed to learn that she has a basement. Annie sews bags and purses that she sells at craft fairs, and her sewing equipment alone is going to fill up the mini-vans. Perhaps she can sell them for My Sister Wife’s Closet? Christine recalls that her mom made her wedding dress, and the memory is bittersweet. While her mother loves and supports her relationship with Kody, she refused to come to Christine’s wedding because her ex-husband would be there. Early in their marriage, Annie joined a polygamist support group which became antagonistic towards the lifestyle. Kody cites it as the scariest time in his life, and Christine forbids her mother from seeing her grandchildren. Christine and Annie didn’t speak for several months until Kody’s mother urged her to fix their relationship. At this point, Christine and Kody learn that Annie dropped out of the group when it stopped being a support group. 

It’s not lost on me that Janelle isn’t just absent from the move, but she’s also absent from the sofa. Lucky lady. Not wanting to be left out of a story line, Robyn reveals that her mother is very jealous that Annie is going to be moving in with the family. Robyn finds this to be strange given that her mother is still enjoying life with her husband. Kody is concerned that he’s now opened the door for all of his mothers-in-law to follow suit. A tearful Annie has a hard time saying good-bye to her home and all its memories, but she’s excited about her new adventure in Vegas. I’m sure it will involve lots of road trips.


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