Makeup Free Selfie

Guess who! This reality TV star posted this makeup free selfie on Facebook… and we seriously did a double take! She looks so much younger without a layer (or ten) of makeup caked onto her face. 

“Hot mess in the back seat of the car headed home from the Super Bowl,” she added. “Grouchy, no makeup, bra hanging out, sun in my eyes (glad I have my Sunnies on), AND stuck in traffic from car accident. However grateful for a successful weekend and I can’t wait to see my 3 fur babies when I get home!”


Drum roll.. it’s Gretchen Rossi! Okay, so she’s not completely unrecognizable, but she looks so much younger. At least ten years! 

A lot of Gretchen‘s followers gushed and agreed  – less is more! – however a few picked her apart for her shallow status. A few of their comments:

“Really?? You look beautiful (and you know it – otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it!), yet you’re telling all your fans (including my teen girl) that you think this picture is unattractive?? Good Lord! Get real.”

“Could be worse… YOU could be the one in the accident…. prayers everyone was OK and that you weren’t inconvenienced too badly.”

“You ever thought the people in the accident are the ones having a bad day? What a selfish self absorbed little girl. Wow.”

“And without you wearing a seatbelt you will look like a hot mess when you fly through the front window if someone crashes into you. Great role model you are.”

“If she thought she was a mess… she wouldn’t of posted a picture of herself… obviously she thinks highly of herself.”

“I’m thinking after this post, I’m saving my time from your ridiculous posts. When in the world are you going to grow up and stop acting like a attention whore?! If you ever have kids (and let’s face it, you aren’t getting any younger) I hope you finally realize how stupid you come off.”

Gotta love social media! But I agree that Gretchen knows she looks good. She wouldn’t have posted the picture otherwise. She’s fishing for compliments. 

Gretchen shared this pic the same day, adding, “Thank you to @thelillierose for doing my makeup for the morning news, you did a beautiful job! Arizona if you’re looking for an awesome makeup artist I would recommend her!”

Gretchen Rossi

Wow. Gretchen needs to bring the makeup artist home with her and embrace the “less is more” look. It suits her. One problem solved… now about Slade… 


Photo Credit: Facebook

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