Love & Hip Hop Newcomer Chrissy Monroe Talks Charity, Joseline Hernandez, And Editing

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Mona Scott Young deserves the slowest of slow claps. She is always trying to outdo herself in crazy drama. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that when she cast Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she was going to create the perfect storm, one which even the franchise’s creator couldn’t live up to in the grand scheme of VH1.

But, gracious, she certainly keeps trying! In an effort to bring new life to the original Love & Hip Hop, Mona has brought in a few new cast members. None are so memorable as Baltimore native Chrissy Monroe. She dates music producer Chink Santana, she’s got long-standing beef with Erica Mena due to her past as an alleged madame career as a modeling mogul, and she’s got a suitcase full of wigs that leave Kim Zolciak envious. Well, maybe not, but the lady has some serious hair pieces!


Chrissy is ready to be the next big thing for the franchise, and she’s going about it in the right way. Charitable aspirations? Check. Praise for other cast members? Done. Not one to blame a bad impression on editing? She’s your gal! In an interview with All Hip Hop, Chrissy opens up about her latest gig, and she’s quick to say what we’re all thinking: actions are to blame for perception…not what’s left on production’s cutting room floor!

She tells the site, “I don’t know why reality TV gets such a bad rep. It’s been a very positive experience for me personally,” adding that Mona and her crew aren’t to blame for people’s true behavior. Chrissy elaborates, “So if I wanna come on and act ratchet that’s on me! They can only use what I give them. If I choose to conduct myself as a classy woman then they’re gonna use that. Actually, they focus more on our relationships.”

Continuing, Chrissy asserts, “They don’t condone violence whatsoever on the show contrary to what a lot of people think. They actually don’t want us fighting. It’s Love & Hip Hop. It’s supposed to be about love and out our relationships so I don’t know how some people take it left.” Um, yeah. No violence. That’s why Joseline Hernandez got the boot…oh, wait.

Speaking to the recent backlash regarding her boyfriend’s family not wanting to meet her because they feel too loyal to Chink’s ex-wife, Chrissy states, “I remain myself and I don’t take no sh*t… It’ll play out when you guys watch. I think I’m a wonderful person so we’ll see what happens. My whole take on that topic is that I’m with Chink. I’m not laid up with his family. Yes, it would be nice if they accept me but if they don’t I’m not losing any sleep at night either. I’m dating one man not the whole family. Can’t please everybody.”

The newest addition to L&HH reveals that she isn’t involved just to promote herself. Chrissy wants to make a difference in the lives of others. She explains, “So many people come on this show and it’s all about them. You’d be a fool not to go on and give back and make differences in other people’s lives…I can reach so many people and teach them about things that they may want to get involved in or where they can donate money, time and resources to help save animals or whatever other causes. I’d like to work with inner city women and youth and encourage them to follow their dreams. A lot of these ladies don’t have any mentors or anyone to look up to just to teach them the basic things in life.”

Her aspirations don’t end there. Chrissy would like to try her hand at writing, and she’s got thinking about authoring a book on relationships as well as her autobiography. She reveals that Rich Dollaz is a friend who deserves to find love. Chrissy shares, “He really goes through it with the women. He needs one good girl and I think his life would be complete. He’s not a bad dude and he really treats his women nice. He’s a classy guy but he just can’t seem to find the right chick.”

Like the rest of the viewing public, Chrissy is a big fan of the Atlanta franchise (a future crossover, perhaps?). She gushes, “I love Joseline and Stevie J. She is just so over the top. I love her. She’s so real and I love the way she dresses. I love her ‘I don’t give a f**k’ attitude. I think they really struck gold when they casted her.”

I wonder if Chrissy reveals that Joseline would put a vodka bottle in her weave if she felt her celebrity status was at all threatened by a newbie…no matter how complimentary said newbie is!


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