Sister Wives: The Women Tell…Nothing New

Sister Wives Tell All Tamron Hall

Let’s see if Tamron Hall asks the tough questions. Following last night’s Sister Wives finale, Tamron sits down with Kody Brown, Janelle, Meri, Christine, and Robyn for a tell-all special on the season. she begins questioning Kody about his willingness to open his home to the anthropology students. Kody was upset to see that the professor automatically expected that there would be stereotypes in each wife, and Robyn finds it funny that people assume that the four wives are expected to make up one good wife instead of four separate and whole people. Christine and Janelle admit that it was refreshing and relieving to hear what the students thought of them. They didn’t know the students reactions to their family until they watched that with the rest of the viewers. 

Tamron questions whether Kody was upset that he was expected to be a jerk. He laughs that he is a jerk because he always speaks his mind. Tamron clarifies that the students initially thought he was a jerk because he needed multiple wives to feed his ego. The family understands their misconceptions and was happy to see that they were quashed after spending time with the Brown clan. Yet another Brown family RV road trip is highlighted, more specifically Christine’s disdain for Kody’s friend Ken. Of course, Kody infamously blames his wife’s attitude on PMS. Christine admits that the episode was polarizing. Kody recognizes that his ego may have played into his inability to ask his friend to apologize for Ken’s insensitive comment. Tamron wonders why the idea of the long courtship was so sensitive to Christine given the fact that she and Kody have been married for over twenty years. Kody admits that after that episode he seriously considered pulling the plug on the show.


The addition of Christine’s mother to the cul-de-sac is addressed, and Christine is thrilled to have her mom helping her in the absence of Aspyn and Mykelti. Kody isn’t in any rush to bring in more mother-in-laws, but he isn’t totally opposed to it if it’s in the best interest of the family. The wives cite that Annie’s arrival seemed to mean that the women no longer leaned on one another to help raise the children. Meri is upset that she doesn’t have a close bond with the younger kids now that she is no longer baby-sitting and everyone is in separate homes. Janelle believes the perception is skewed and it isn’t as negative as it appears.

When asked about the relationship among the wives, the ladies admit that they haven’t had a girls’ night out just the four of them in over a year. It’s no secret that these women aren’t the best of friends. Tamron tries to delve deeper, but Christine only chirps that they need to be better about carving out the time together as she knows it would be “so much fun!” Robyn reminds Tamron that she and Meri do things together all the time (of course they do!), but it’s hard for her to schedule time with all of her sister wives because she’s just so darn busy these days!

Finally, Tamron brings up the family’s penchant for dance parties and lip syncing. She brings up the fact that Janelle called her fellow sister wives loud and embarrassing. On the reunion, Janelle tries to sugar coat her response. Her fellow wives have such wonderfully entertaining and magnetic personalities, and she’s more of an introvert. Janelle admits that in the past her weight has played into her wanting to blend in the background…plus, she has no rhythm. Tamron interjects that no one in this family has rhythm. Amen, sister! Recapping a Tale of Two Maddies, Tamron has spoken with Maddie about her decision to join the Mormon church. Maddie is so incredibly poised and well-spoken. Kody and his wives explain that the difference between their faith and Mormons is the idea of plural marriage. Everyone is supportive of Maddie’s decision, but Tamron probes into what could happen if the church wants Maddie to disassociate from her family. Given Maddie’s scrappiness and loyalty to her family and to herself, I am not at all concerned that she’s going to feel torn…and neither is Janelle. 

The focus shifts to Meri’s decision to divorce Kody so that he can legally marry Robyn. Meri wants Robyn’s kids to have an opportunity to become Browns. We are treated to footage of Meri offering her idea to Robyn and Kody followed by the reactions of Christine and Janelle…you know, the same thing we just watched less than an hour ago in the finale. Janelle tries to explain her initial reaction, and she’s still struggling with the idea that things may change. Kody is adamant that this turn of events is only to work towards adopting his step-children. Meri and Kody seem sad and pensive as they watch the monitor to see the signing of the divorce papers. As all the wives dab away tears, Meri jokes with Tamron that this is what the sisterhood is about…not girls’ nights. Robyn starts sobbin’ about how special and beautiful it is that this woman loves her children enough to give up her legal marriage.  Meri admits that she believes her relationship with Kody is stronger since the divorce. Kody argues that it wasn’t the divorce but rather the normal ebb and flow in a relationship. Meri disagrees. 

As the very boring and not at all in depth comes to a close, I have to wonder if Tamron enjoys this gig. I wonder how much pull the Browns have in what isn’t allowed to be asked or discussed. 


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