Asifa Mirza

Shahs of Sunset newbie Asifa Mirza claims “people” think she looks like Kim Kardashian. I am not one of those people. I don’t see the resemblance in any way, shape, or form.

“People tell me I look like Kim, but I don’t have her butt,” Asifa told Daily Mail. “I am built different. But I think she has an incredible figure, and so does most of the world. She has her own look that is special to her, and it works.” Most of the world? Um, I’m not one of those people, either. However I imagine Asifa‘s body is what Kim sees in the mirror when she chooses outfits which she thinks flatter her figure. But I digress.


Asifa went on to say that she admires Kim‘s business savvy. “I admire her and not because she’s famous,” said Asifa. “She has a very keen business sense and has been an incredible entrepreneur. She is smart. I like how she branched out with her clothing collections and her game app. She’s made savvy moves. No one can take that away from her. That’s what I admire. Not the fame. Fame is secondary to me. I am more interested in creating a business.”

“A lot of women need to be empowered, to be shown that they can be pretty but also be successful in business,” surmised Asifa. “That is what has attracted me to a reality show. Because I want to be a role model for women. I work hard and I am building something for me. Kim does the same. She is in the spotlight but [also] an entrepreneur. She is creating something, and she is changing the way people look at women and women’s bodies. I admire that.”

Asifa, who is currently dating her ex-husband, added that she wants to write a book about marriage. <pause> let that statement soak in <un-pause> “I want to help others,” shared Asifa. “Love is so complicated. And it is work – the ups and downs, so much to figure out, so much to learn. But Bobby and I are doing really well. It is interesting how we went from married to divorce to dating. I think I have a lot to say on the subject that can help others.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I find Asifa to be insufferable on Shahs of Sunset. To stand out as annoying in that group… then to gush over Kim Kardashian… bye, girl. Speaking of Shahs, it’s all-new tonight and Reality Tea will be live tweeting all the ish Mercedes “MJ” Javid is stirring up.


Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo