John Gosselin Getting Involved In Politics And Running For Office? Gushes About Being A DJ!

jon gosselin

Jon Gosselin loves the limelight (and scandals) so it’s no surprise that the former reality star is considering a run for public office. However until his political career takes off (*snort) the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is satisfying his quest for fame an attention by working as a DJ

Jon recently played a gig at Boston’s  Julep Bar where he claims it was so packed “they had to turn people away.” They wanted to gawk at reality TV’s biggest failure? Of his new passion for music, Jon gushes, “I love it!” It’s no surprise that serial relationship failure Jon found his newest “occupation” through an ex-girlfriend, who worked for the music company Eclipse Entertainers, which has now signed Jon.   

To perfect his craft, he’s taking working with Wyomissing DJ Koolie Kirk because he needs to “learn so much more.” Ahhhh… that’s commitment Jon! “It’s hard,” Jon insists. “It’s not easy or everyone would do it.”


But does it pay the bills? Yes! Allegedly. Jon claims he has tons of gigs lined up and he loves the job because it’s “fun” and also “more normal” than being a reality star known for being the father of 8 and the ex of Kate

Jon’s whole life could be a metaphor for DJing…it’s always a different song, flitting from whatever is available, and never more than a brief period of time before it’s on to the next. 

While his ex-wife Kate expands her reality TV resume, Jon complains that the effects of reality TV fame are ever-lasting and now that his TLC fame has ended it’s a “relief” to live a to live a “more normal life.” He struggles to explain just how surreal his time in the spotlight was. “You had to be there, like out in Wernersville with 40 paparazzi standing at the fence. … ,” Jon reflects to the Reading Eagle. “No matter where you went, they would just follow you everywhere. It’s a different life.” 

“Now, I’m sitting in a train station (and nobody’s bothering me),” Jon continues. “They take pictures at the venues (where he DJs), and then I’m like a normal part of society the next day.” Still, it’s clear that initially leaving his ordinary life as an IT professional for reality TV has permanently screwed up Jon’s psyche, because he claims doing IT in the PA governor’s office for three-years made him interested politics. 

Jon claims he’s had “discussions” with people he met during that time about running for state representative and he’s exploring that option. 

Well if Jim Bob Duggar had a career in politics, why not Jon, right?! Wrong. 


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