Love & Hip Hop Recap: Cheers To The Finale…Finally!

love hip hop yandy

I’m basically just watching the Love & Hip Hop finale to see which scorned lady Rich Dollaz is going to fight with next…should he get his own show for this purpose? Last night’s episode begins as Jhonni is pouring her heart out in the studio. At least Rich is good for some new material! Without Rich as a manager or a lover, she’s determined to let her music tell her story. Diamond Strawberry is also frustrated with Rich on top of all her Cisco drama, and she’s meeting with her father Darryl Strawberry to fill him in on her time in New York. She forgot to mention to him that she moved to the Big Apple in pursuit of a man and not her modeling career. Diamond regales her former baseball playing dad about the broken promises on which Cisco lured her to New York. He thinks it is high time for Diamond to start taking responsibility for her actions and her bad decisions. Darryl hopes this will be a life lesson for his daughter. His suit-shirt combo makes me dizzy.

Tara Wallace is excited that her etiquette business for wayward hip hop artists is taking off, and she’s calling in a favor from ex Peter Gunz. She’s hoping he’ll work with some of her artists. The pair catch up civilly (for once), and Peter thinks that this could be a step in the right direction for the pair. She warns him to be kind to Amina Buddafly. While it isn’t easy for her to listen to him wax poetic about his imploding marriage, she wants him to make better choices and stop hurting the people he claims to love…even if it is the woman she feels stole him from his family. 


After her discussion with her father, Diamond needs more closure with Cisco, so she’s meeting him to ask what she did wrong in their relationship so it won’t happen to her with other men going forward. A calm, cool, and collected Cisco assures her that she didn’t do anything wrong (well, besides going bat shiz cray when she found out he constantly cheated on her), and he reveals that he was never truly in love with her. While he’s being honest, he may as well admit that he was hurting because his children’s mother moved out when she suspected he was with someone else. Wait, what? Diamond’s eyes bug and I’m concerned that Cisco is about to wind up in the fireplace. He was playing house with another woman when they were together? Props to Diamond for keeping it together. Cisco feels badly for Diamond knowing what it’s like to be on the losing side of love after the Cyn debacle. Cisco is trying to work on himself (sure…). Diamond hopes the two can be cordial since they could potentially continue to run into each other socially He forces a hug on her and…closure.

love hip hop diamond

Chrissy Monroe is frustrated with Chink, and she’s ready to put herself first. She invites him over to rehash their latest argument over whether to move in together. Chrissy is ready to walk away, and Chink admits that he is giving her as much love as he possibly can. She’s crying about wasting time with a married man, and he’s on the defensive saying that he never promised her anything. This is going well. Chrissy storms out, warning him that he’ll never a woman who treats him as well as she does. A petulant Chink wishes her good luck. He does not like being told what to do. He’s rivaling Peter for the d-bag award on this episode, for sure! Speaking of, Peter is having drinks with a friend. He’s sharing the story of his tumultuous situation with Amina, but he has a plan. His friend breaks the news that Amina has a new manager…and it’s her ex-boyfriend. Peter can’t believe his ears. Is this Amina giving him a taste of his own medicine? At least her realizes that he’s in no position to tell Amina what to do professionally. 

Paris is still fuming about Rich’s lack of attention to her career. They are in the studio, and she’s paying for the time. She is ready to cut ties from Rich, and he blames her for their management issues. He’s tired of her trying to do deals on the side, but I’m thinking she wouldn’t be making side deals if her manager was making deals for her. She shakes his hand and tells him she no longer needs his services. Two artists in one week. That’s rough, Rich! In Atlanta, Cisco wants to rectify his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Tasha. She’s keeping him from seeing his kids, and he wants to be able to co-parent. Tasha explains how much Cisco has continually hurt her, and he feeds her excuses as to why he’s been such a dolt. He’s been through a lot. Tasha retorts that there is nothing Cisco can do to fix what he has created. He blames the fact he didn’t have good parents, and Tasha wonders why that doesn’t make him a better person. She threatens that he’s going to have to deal with her wrath even if it means only seeing his children on her terms. Cisco takes a page from Teresa Giudice’s playbook and flip a sofa before being ushered out of the hotel room. 

love hip hop amina

Peter has planned a weekend away where he plans to woo Amina into reconciling. She has accepted his invitation so she can talk to him about co-parenting their daughter and inform him about her new music ventures. He toasts to a renewed relationship and their baby, but Amina only clinks her glass in regard to Corey. She shares the news about her new manager, and Peter can’t bring himself to be okay with his wife working with an ex. However, he knows he can’t really make this demand, so he decides to divert her attention by presenting her with a new wedding ring. Amina sticks to her guns about not sticking with Gunz, and Peter is blindsided that she refuses to come running back to him. 

The time has come for Yandy Smith’s baby shower. She’s excited to surprise Mendeecees with the commitment ceremony. How many people are at this flipping shower? She should have just had the wedding then and there. She ushers Mendeecees and Little Mendeecees to her side to announce her plans to take his name…before taking his name for real at the wedding they are planning. This is the silliest thing ever, but at least we don’t have to watch the guests partake in cheesy shower games. She reads her vows to both Mendeecees and Little Mendeecees (that kid is adorable!) from her phone and shares her intention to change her last name to Harris. Fear not, guests! There will still be a wedding! Mendeecees is touched by her gesture and the crowd cheers as she signs the forms to officially change her name. 

love hip hop mendeecees

The finale wraps with a half-baked attempt to tie up the loose ends of a cast I never truly invested in, to be honest. Paris is singing, Diamond is at a modeling photo shoot, and Cisco is treating his kids to ice cream. Dreams do come true, y’all! Rich doesn’t need drama from his artists when his liquor brand is doing so well thanks to Cyn, who is super happy after reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend. Chrissy is focused on moving forward without Chink, and Erica Mena is thrilled that her future includes a marriage to Bow Wow. Amina and Tara are all about the girl power and making sure that they raise their children not to repeat their mistakes. As for Peter, he knows the ladies in his life deserve better and he’s committed to being a great father. Yandy and Mendeecees welcome daughter Skylar. Was it me, or was this season totally disjointed? 


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