Paris Hilton is one of the original reality stars.  She took being a “celebutante” to the next level of branding with a reality show, product lines and more.  Paris is now DJ’ing, among a million other things, and making a ton of money without having to parade around for cameras anymore.  She sat down with Nylon magazine for their new issue to chat about everything from getting daily reality TV offers to launching her new makeup and skincare line. 

On how she’s changed since doing The Simple Life. (Oh how I wanted her pink truck back then!)  “Back then I didn’t even wear fake eyelashes, and I didn’t know about contouring.  I didn’t really wear a lot of makeup on the show. I was more of a tomboy before.”

On requests for her to return to reality television.  “I get calls every single day from producers and networks begging me to come back to TV, but I’m so busy that I wouldn’t have time.  I’m focusing on my brand and my business.    I don’t have time to do a show. ” 

She’s now dabbling in makeup and skin care, too.  “The one thing that I’ve always wanted to get into that I haven’t yet is makeup.  I’m about to launch a line of makeup this year, and a skincare line, too.”

Paris is releasing more music, too!  “My single is out in two months! It’s called “High Off My Love” featuring Birdman. The music video is me with all of these hot male models. I was inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video mixed with Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s really bondagey and hot. “

On people who underestimate her as a businesswoman.  “I don’t care about people who don’t care about me.  If people are so negative or mean, then that’s their issue.  Screw them.”

Would you watch Paris if she came back to reality TV?  I am a little curious what her life is like nowadays since she stays out of the media spotlight for the most part now. 


Photo Credit: Nylon Magazine