Shahs of Sunset after show

The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to my mind when I think of the Shahs of Sunset fans who wanted Lilly Ghalichi off the show. Because, Asifa Mirza. Asifa and her ex-husband/current boyfriend Bobby are exhausting.

On the after show, Bobby and Asifa shared the story behind their argument at Adam‘s bachelor party. Long story short, Asifa encouraged Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi and Bobby to be text buddies, but then Asifa lost her freaking mind when she found out that GG and Bobby texted about her. Like I said, they are exhausting. And then add GG‘s explosive temper into the mix. Oy vey.


When asked why she is upset with Bobby and GG, Asifa said, “They’ve been having secret text rendezvous.”

Bobby argued, “It wasn’t a secret. Golnesa, MJ, all of us, we’re all family.” Asifa snapped, “We are?” Bobby replied, “Yeah we are,” to which Asifa said, “We are not like family. Don’t get it twisted.”

Asifa admitted the she encouraged Bobby and GG to text. “I had no problem with that,” she said, “but when they’re doing it behind my back and she’s mad at me for something I don’t know she’s mad at me about…” Bobby interrupted to say that Asifa has trust issues.

Asifa reminded Bobby that he broke her trust once, adding, “It takes time to rebuild that trust.” He countered, “They you shouldn’t have gotten back together with me until you trusted me,” adding, “Asifa texts whomever she wants whenever she wants.” 

Asifa hissed, “But I would never sleep with one of your friends.”

Bobby explained, he and Asifa were broken up AND she was in Europe with another man when he hooked up with someone who had recognized him as Asifa’s ex. He added, the woman couldn’t even remember Asifa’s name when she approached him, so they obviously weren’t that close as friends.

“I had never seen Asifa and this person together before,” insisted Bobby. “Long story short, I’m not worried about Asifa’s feelings. You’re in Eurpoe with some guy, enjoy yourself. I’m going to enjoy myself.”

Asifa snarked, “How are you enjoying yourself when she looks like a dog?”

Bobby said he wouldn’t stoop to her level and justify that with an answer. “This is someone I have never seen you with,” he repeated. “We’re not together. We haven’t been together for a long time. It wasn’t anything more than fun.”

When asked if Adam’s bachelor party was an appropriate time to hash this out, Asifa said, “I just approached Golnesa. She then went from 0 to 2,000. They can be friendly with each other. But she’s a single girl at the end of the day and no matter how much she wants to say she’s like a guy, she’s a girl and she likes dudes.”

Bobby shared, “Asifa, when it comes to me, is very possessive. Whoever is out with me, a guy or a girl, knows that they’re going to get some heat if they’re around me.” Asifa said that is NOT true, adding, “He just loves attention, so he likes it when I give it to him.”

Asifa went on to say that Bobby likes to sabotage her friendships. “It think he’s doing that with Golnesa,” she said. “If he weren’t in the picture, her and I wouldn’t really have that big of issues right now. It is really sad. Our friendship really has gone in the wrong direction and he has something to do with it. As a man, he should just stay out of it.”

On a separate after show, GG and Asa Soltan Rahmati weighed in on Bobby and Asifa‘s drama.

GG said Asifa is the one who encouraged her to reach out to Bobby because neither of them work during the day. Or ever. “If she’s fighting with Bobby, and I text, all of a sudden, it’s me. I’m doing something wrong. I can’t do it. It’s me doing something wrong,” said GG. “She thinks everyone wants to f–k her man.”

She went on to say that she insisted Bobby stop texting her to “complain and bitch” about Asifa. “I said, ‘I’m over this. Stop coming to me.’ Because his coming to me is a bitch move as well. That’s starting sh-t. That’s going to make it worse.”

“If you hang out with them enough times, you won’t want to hang out with them any more,” claimed GG. “It’s just fighting. All. Day. That’s all they do.” Asa chimed in with, “They are perfect for each other.” GG agreed, adding, “No one else wants to be with her. No one else wants to be with him.”

I don’t want to be with them (not even through my television) either. Sigh. I miss Lilly and Coconut Circles.


Photo Credit: Bravo