More Potential Custody Drama Between Jon And Kate Gosselin!

Jon Gosselin

Kate Plus Seven doesn’t have quite the same ring, now does it? Until the Gosselin sextuplets turn eighteen, you can bet their fame hungry (one confirmed, one claims to hate the spotlight but always ends up in the tabloids) parents will be fighting over the welfare of all eight of their children in a very public manner.

TLC’s first family became even more famous after Jon and Kate divorced. Kate ditched her signature rooster hairdo and sought out any television appearance available, while Jon spent his time in tumultuous relationships with much younger women, palling around with Michael Lohan, and morphing into a free Ed Hardy billboard. Sure, they were super entertaining to those of us who love a reality train wreck, but their poor children didn’t sign up for this madness! And, like all things Gosselin, the saga continues.


According to In Touch, Jon is seeking more custody of one of the his daughters due to Kate’s behavior towards her. A source reveals that Hannah wants to defect from her mother’s home (and her reality series) in favor of her dad’s place, asserting that while visiting her father in late April, “[Hannah] said she didn’t want to go home to her mom because she can’t take the cruelty anymore,” adding, “Hannah was so afraid of her mom that Jon became concerned and called [Berks County, Pennsylvania] Children & Youth Services and filed a report — and he took emergency custody of Hannah.” 

As you can imagine, Kate didn’t take too kindly to Jon’s actions. A family insider shares, “She showed up at Jon’s house and stood in the street screaming for Hannah to come home, but she wouldn’t leave. Then she called the cops on Jon and made claims about him.” However, Hannah did stay with Jon for four days before returning to Kate’s house.

Kate has often been highly criticized for her short temper and nasty retorts which are captured on camera when she’s interacting with her children for the show. In November of last year, Children & Youth Services investigated Kate after accusations she was both physically and verbally abusive towards son Collin. The claims were ruled “unfounded.” Just two months ago, court documents were leaked from 2010 asserting that Kate locked the children in their bedrooms at night to keep them from getting up to use the bathroom and alleging her spankings often left marks on the kids. 

The source maintains that Jon will continue his plight to have more time with his children, telling the site, “Jon will be filing a petition to modify custody, and if he gets it, he’ll be contacting TLC to put a stop to filming [Kate Plus 8]. Hannah doesn’t want to film, but Kate is making her and she’s not the only child who has no interest in being on the show.” 

These poor children…they’ve got their mother who wants to stay in the limelight at any cost and a dad who thrives on deejaying at bowling parties. Perhaps Abby Lee Miller should take custody of them?


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