Lisa Hochstein On Newborn Son Logan: “I’m Completely Obsessed And In Love”

Lisa Hochstein and Baby Logan Marc

Lenny and Lisa Hochstein‘s lives changed forever on July 3rd with the birth of their son Logan Marc. The former Real Housewives of Miami star talked to The Daily Dish about Logan‘s earlier than expected birth – via surrogate – and life as a first time mom.

Logan wasn’t due until August 1st, so imagine Lisa‘s surprise when she got the “it’s time” call on July 3rd.

“I got a phone call from the surrogate. She was going into contractions,” shared Lisa. “And, of course, I started flipping out because it was so early. He wasn’t supposed to be due until August 1st. I was trying to pack a bag, trying to pack his bag. My hair was soaking wet. [I was] trying to book a flight because I had to fly to another city within Florida.”


Lisa continued, “Everything just worked out so great, even though it was super stressful getting there. I didn’t have time to think. I just had to do it. I’ve never gone to the airport without makeup or my hair done. I ran to the airport with my hair soaking wet. I was crying like a crazy person.”

Once Logan was in Lisa‘s arm… “I spent the whole entire night holding him on my chest; it was beautiful,” she said. “I’m completely obsessed and in love.”

Lisa shared her struggle to start a family, including three miscarriages and four failed IVF attempts, with Real Housewives of Miami viewers.

“Other mothers might disagree with me that my feeling is no more special than their feeling, but for me I just feel like, wow, we’ve just been through so much on the show,” recalled Lisa. “And all of these fans and supporters [were] with me throughout my journey. Now this… and to see the outpouring… it’s amazing. It’s truly a miracle. He’s a miracle baby.”

About Lenny, she shared, “He’s great. There’s always a constant smile on his face. He can’t wait to get home and see his little guy. He likes to think that he looks just like him and I’m kind of arguing with him, saying, ‘Nope, he looks like me.’ I mean, we’re both so in love. I’ve never felt a love like this. It’s amazing.” 

Lisa said some of her Real Housewives of Miami co-stars have reached out, but she isn’t quite ready to share Logan with anyone else yet.

“I’ve heard from Alexia, Marysol, Adriana, and Lea,” revealed Lisa. “All have called or texted me to congratulate me. Well, Lea’s in L.A. so she won’t get over to see Logan until she gets back. Alexia and Marysol are going to be visiting soon… probably next week. I’m not really accepting visitors this week. I’m trying to get accustomed to my new life myself before I have anyone else see him.”



Main Photo Credit: Bravo