Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Recent Miscarriage On Livin’ Lozada

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Are any of y’all watching Livin’ Lozada? I have to admit, I’m intrigued, but not intrigued enough to commit to programming my DVR. I got my fill of Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives, and while I wish her well, I just can’t swap the image of her charging barefoot across a table at the Kentucky Derby with her reveling in the calmer side of family life. Not saying she didn’t make a total and genuine transition, but fool me twice, shame on me!

Those of you who are tuning in are aware that Evelyn recently suffered a miscarriage, the aftermath of which was featured on her new OWN reality show. My heart goes out to her for her loss, as well as being open enough to share it with her fans. Hopefully her experience will help others facing the same tragedy.


Chad Johnson’s former wife is now showcasing her life with baseball superstar Carl Crawford, her new son Carl Leo, and daughter Sheniece on Oprah Winfrey’s network, and she is chronicling her softer side in her new reality series which premiered on July 11. On it’s first episode, Evelyn revealed her pregnancy as well as her fear of an impending miscarriage. 

E!Online recapped the premiere where Evelyn cried to older daughter Shaniece, “It’s not good. When I was on my way here, [the doctor] left me a voicemail. She said that my hormone levels have dropped,” adding, “When you’re pregnant, your hormone levels are supposed to be in the thousands. [Mine] went all the way down to 50…Most likely, I’m going to end up miscarrying the baby.”

Evelyn continued, saying, “I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll have a boy,’ and then I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll have a girl. Then she’ll be like Sha. I swear to God, I thought about so many things.”

The same site recaps Saturday’s episode where Evelyn faced the news that she had miscarried six weeks into her pregnancy. She looked at the heartbreaking event as a sign of hope, musing, “I feel like when something tragic like this happens, I’ve always learned that there is something better to come and I guess that’s what I hold onto…that it just wasn’t meant to be.” 

Understandably, Evelyn was devastated to learn that she was no longer pregnant, and she broke down to Shaniece, explaining, “I woke up this morning—early, early this morning,” she explained through tears. “It was literally still dark outside—and I started feeling cramping. I knew…the process was starting. I feel better. I’m like, Ok, it’s happening. I’ve accepted it. I feel like I can deal.”

The veteran reality star also took to Twitter to express her gratitude to fans for their support. Evelyn wrote, “Getting the news that my hormone levels dropped was/is devastating! Hardest thing ever! Thank you to everyone who tuned in!! It’s a true blessing to share my life, my new beginning and all that it encompasses.”


[Photo Credit: Twitter]