Kim Kardashian leaves Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in a clingy grey dress

Kim Kardashian’s baby bump size is rapidly changing by the day and we are only four months in..supposedly. She stepped out just a few weeks ago with no visible bump in sight and when she arrived in Paris last week, it suddenly “popped,” but now..this?  The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared this selfie last night (right) and it had us wondering – is she further along than she initially shared?

Kim has said that she is due sometime in December, giving her nearly five months to go in her pregnancy.  Yet, her baby bump growth seems to be indicating a story that’s much different.  Is she fudging her due date for privacy concerns?  Is she having twins? Is it a fake bump? What is going on?!  We’ve gathered photos from the past 45 days to show you exactly why we’re so floored over the abrupt change.  Obviously a woman’s body goes through tremendous changes over the course of her pregnancy and every single expectant mom is different, but this is a Kardashian we’re talking about here – with a history of untruths –  so the reality usually lands somewhere in the middle. Also, what is with the long-sleeved, floor-length coats in the middle of summer in California? (Supposedly to block the paparazzi butt shots, but I’m not buying it.)

Kim Kardashian leaves Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in a clingy grey dress

Above: JUNE 12th – Kim steps out two weeks after announcing her pregnancy

Kim Kardashian arriving at Nice Airport

JUNE 23rd Seriously Popular Yacht Party : Arrivals In Cannes

JUNE 24th

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West enjoy a date night at Hakkasan restaurant in Mayfair

JUNE 25th

London Celebrity Sightings - June 26, 2015

JUNE 26th

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 16, 2015

JULY 16th – barely a bump, but just three days later….

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 19, 2015

JULY 19th

Kim Kardashian seen out and about in Paris

July 21st two days later she has a large visible baby bump

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - July 22, 2015

July 22nd


July 26th

Fullscreen capture 7282015 113438 AM

July 27th – Kim’s selfie from last night. 



 Kim Kardashian leaves Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in a clingy grey dress

                                              June 12  &  July 27th


Photo Credit: Instagram, wenn, Getty & PCN

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