Carmen Electra Slated to Host New Reality Show: “Ex-Isle”


Well, here’s a blast from the past! Carmen Electra is finding her way back into the spotlight (at least a very thin, flimsy sliver of it) with her new gig as host for WE TV’s new reality series: Ex Isle. The series pledges to help couples break it off with their exes for good, supplying them with plenty of fresh meat alternative choices in future dating partners. 

Production is rolling on the 10-episode series, which will take place in the Casa de Campo Resort in the Dominican Republic. Five couples who are already broken up will be guided by an on-site psychiatrist, Dr. Ish Major, to “break free from the past” in order to move on with new relationships. And just to move things along at a proper reality TV pace, Ex Isle will ship in 10 ready-to-mingle-singles for the recently fractured couples to snatch up. This, of course, is all in the name of “building emotionally healthy and productive relationships,” says WE TV’s president Marc Juris


Carmen has been laying pretty low since 1999, but she did pop up in the strangest of reality TV places recently: in a cameo for Dance Mom’s star Nia’s latest video. She tweeted about her “big news” August 4th, asking people to watch. She followed it up with the picture below on Instagram, writing, “It was fun doing a cameo in @realniasioux new music video for #SLAY.”


Deadline Hollywood reports that producers are already championing Ex Isle as a unique twist on the old reality TV formula. (Really? I swear I recall a show almost exactly like this airing on some off-brand network 10 years ago!) Ex Isle producer Salsano claims that “This is probably one of the most relatable shows I have been a part of,” adding, “Let’s just say, I’ve been up since we started filming, it is an emotional roller-coaster and I don’t want to miss a second.”

Electra is no stranger to hosting, and here’s hoping she’ll bring back her MTV’s Spring Break 2000 skills to Ex Isle! No word yet on when the series will premiere.


Photo Credit: Instagram