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Remember when Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian to marry him in the super secret, understated location of AT&T Park in San Francisco back in 2013? Neither do I,  because the entire shebang was about as public a spectacle as the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star and her Rapper fiance’ could have ever possibly orchestrated.

In the spirit of pretending to abhor the limelight, however, Kim and Kanye have finally brought the scoundrel to justice who initially (after signing a confidentiality agreement) leaked Kanye’s proposal to the internet via MixBit. Chad Hurley, co-founder and former CEO of YouTube who went on to found MixBit, has been ordered to pay Kimye $440,000 in the settlement.


At the time of Kanye’s proposal, Kris Jenner claimed she played a “pivotal role” in orchestrating the event, from the shutting down of the baseball field, to the 50-piece orchestra, to the 15-carat diamond itself. Kris, who likely wanted to keep the footage of the proposal in the Kardashian vault until it aired on that season of KUWTK, also claims Kim and Kanye didn’t even know Hurley before the event.

Kris said that Hurley “did show up with someone else who was an invited guest, bur Mr. Hurley was not invited by the organizers of the event. He was not even invited to attend; Kim and Kanye did not know him. We would not have been upset in the least if he had to leave — or never even attended in the first place — and he had not earned the trust of Kim, Kanye, or me.”

Kim and Kanye claim that Hurley “manipulated his way into AT&T Park” for the express purpose of secretly recording the proposal, then went on to leak the footage online. TMZ reports that Kimye’s lawer, Eric George, “filed suit claiming Hurley was desperate to find a second act after 2 failed flops following his YouTube sale.” 

Hurley sold YouTube for $1.6 billion to Google in 2006, so I’m not sure how “desperate” he was or is, in actual fact.


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