Labor Day Weekend Blind Items


Happy Labor Day Weekend!  We have three new blind item teasers for you on this fine Friday.  Lets see how good your sleuthing is today. 

 1. This Housewife probably should be careful with who she ticks off. The person ticked off is about to release a list of all the married men the Housewife has slept with over the past year.


2. Probably not a good idea for this B+ list reality star/celebrity to be leaving her celebrity husband at home alone for a long period of time especially with the relationship he has developed with a woman at a store he seems to go to every day.

3. This long long time reality star loves being on television.  The rest of her family? Not so much. She doesn’t care though. Anyway, she is pitching another season of her show which would follow her as she gets ready to be married and married. The one big problem is that her boyfriend has not even asked her and has no plans to. Maybe she thinks she can convince him or something or fake it.

Number three seems the easiest, I have a few ideas on number 2, but I’m stumped on number one.   What do you think?  Any ideas?  Share your guesses in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Ryan Etter/Getty Images