Ladies of London

Ladies of London is back. The bad news is, there is already petty drama. The good news is, Noelle Reno and Caprice Bourrett are gone. The BEST news is, Caroline Stanbury is back, and she is as awesome as ever.

The drama began with Marissa Hermer and Juliet Angus butting heads over Thanksgiving dinner. Last season, the most important American holiday ever was the Fourth of July. This season, it is Thanksgiving. Marissa hosts dinner at a restaurant because she climbed all the ladders and now she has too many friends. Juliet prefers a intimate dinner at home, but, alas, her family recently downsized and her new measly five million dollar home isn’t up to the challenge.

Long story short, Marissa invited Juliet to join her and a million of her closest friends at Bumpkin. Juliet turned on the waterworks and manipulated Caroline into hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her fabulous, staff-filled home. Oh, this did not end well, especially given Marissa’s insane jealousy of Caroline.


At Caroline‘s party, Marissa confronted Juliet and accused her of shopping around Thanksgiving (which was also her birthday) and trading up for Caroline.

Juliet and Marissa took to their blogs to defend their Thanksgiving traditions:

“I am proud that I really know who I am and that no matter who I meet, whoever they may be, wherever they may be from, never alters my sense of self and voicing how they make me feel,” declared Juliet. “Marissa made many accusation and made Thanksgiving about her and how she has been hosting the holiday ever since she moved to London and her traditions. She wanted to control this holiday from the get-go. Marissa is great at throwing parties. They are great to attend, but no one owns Thanksgiving.”

Juliet explained why her own home wasn’t an option for the intimate, in-home dinner she craved, “To me that is the most important thing about this holiday, being with family and giving ‘thanks’ that you are all home together with warmth, food, love and health. We had just moved homes in London two weeks before this Thanksgiving and it just didn’t feel like home around this very special holiday to me and I just wanted to be with my husband, children, and the friends I felt closest to.”

“I completely understand why Juliet wants to have Thanksgiving in a home, as growing up, I always had Thanksgiving dinner in my family home,” Marissa said. “My own Thanksgiving tradition in London, for the last several years, has been a Bumpkin Thanksgiving.”

Marissa laughed off the notion that she acts like she owns Thanksgiving, “I certainly don’t own Thanksgiving (ha!). I wish I did – I’d have a bigger dining room table. Everyone can celebrate how they like and where they like – if anyone wants to come to mine, they are always more than welcome – or if they have other plans, it is of course totally fine. I understand Juliet’s desire to hang on to her Thanksgiving tradition and ideas, however, I will not sacrifice my own Thanksgiving tradition so she can start a new one.”

Caroline admitted she knew Marissa would be upset if she hosted dinner as well, adding, “Obviously she loves doing it, but I did agree with Juliet, I would rather it was intimate and at a house.”

About Juliet and Marissa‘s arguing at her party, Caroline said, “I wasn’t surprised, but at least they did it in private. I simply thought, get a grip – it is a dinner! Is it that big of a deal really?”

I agree. Get a grip, and let’s focus on the bigger issue here, Juliet‘s wardrobe.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Miller/Bravo

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