fredrik eklund

Last night was the 2015 Creative Emmy Awards in L.A. and although the men of Million Dollar Listing New York lost out in their nominated category, it was a perfect night for Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik, who attended the awards ceremony with his co-stars Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant, had a special evening and revealed the touching the story on Instagram tonight along with the photo above. 

Fredrik wrote, “I want to share a little story from last night. The highlight of the Emmys for me was actually this woman, Mariam. She is Luis’ mom. We took this photo right after the award show, and looked so deeply into each other’s eyes something connected on an unexpected level. Her hazel brown, almost yellow, and my light blue. I know, because we talked about it later at dinner. We sat there in this huge fancy event space with thousands of guests, just her and me for a while and talked about it all, Luis and his brother growing up, her life, New York, the show, and how proud she is of him. And how much she misses him.”  


Fredrik continued, “She looked stunning in her black dress. She smiled and looked out over the guests. Then suddenly, I started crying. She didn’t see it first because I was wearing my new glasses. I thought of her and Derek’s mom and my mom. The fight they have gone through loving us, their now adult sons, all leaving them to pursue our dreams. In the hopes we will come back soon. In my case all the guilt I feel every single day for leaving Sweden and my mom behind. It wasn’t necessarily sad tears, perhaps tears of missing my own mom who didn’t sit proudly next to me at the Emmy Awards. Perhaps tears as a reminder to spend more time with all our moms because you can never take time back.” 

He concluded with, “Then Mariam looked at me and took my glasses off. And she said: now, let’s dance! And she pulled me to the dance floor and I swear to God we ripped it up in front of everyone. I mean, I have never danced like that, and I danced for all the lost time. When we left the floor, soaking of sweat, I squeezed her hand and thought, now she is my mother too.”


2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Photo Credit: Getty & Instagram