Sister Wives Recap: Rock And Roles

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Last night’s Sister Wives gave us a peek into Kody Brown’s relationship with third wife Christine. She admits to being extremely jealous in this lifestyle. You don’t say! I am seeing a new formula this season. The episode last week mainly featured Kody and Janelle, and this week, the focus is his time with Christine. Is TLC trying to convince us he loves his other wives as much as he adores Robyn? Good luck!

Speaking of Robyn, she is frantically searching her home office for her divorce papers in light of the highly anticipated adoption. Kody recaps once again the necessary paperwork shuffle that allowed him to divorce Meri and legally marry Robyn. He reveals they are hoping to file in Montana where Robyn’s ex-husband lives. He hears that Montana judges aren’t prejudiced against polygamist families. Um, okay. Kody and all of the wives converge upon their family law attorney to question whether the paperwork shouldn’t have been filed in Nevada. Robyn shares that her ex-husband has, like, been, like, dodging service. When discussing it in their couch interviews, Robyn suffers a panic attack that halts filming. She seems to get more sympathy from Meri than Robyn. The Browns’ attorney is optimistic that Kody could adopt Robyn’s children within a week if her ex is cooperative.


It’s Kody and Christine’s twenty-second first anniversary, so he making the cul-de-sac rounds to kiss each wife and hug his gaggle of children before they head off on a trip. The duo is heading to Galveston, Texas for a visit with their former family therapist. Their Nevada counselor will be tagging along as well, but she won’t be sharing a hotel room with them, Kody assures. Nothing says romance like a dueling therapist anniversary. Meri dumps the happy couple at the airport and the next thing you know, they’re touring their Galveston bed and breakfast. Christine and Kody are greeted by Pat, their marriage counselor in Utah who is now a Texas resident. Nevada therapist Nancy arrives next, and Kody counts Pat as a champion who validates feelings while Nancy holds them accountable. Nancy takes the pair to the beach for the first of many therapy sessions where they draw lines in the sand to show their convictions. 

Continuing to combine a romantic getaway with couples therapy boot camp, Christine and Kody don their pirate garb and head to a local attraction, complete with the annoying pirate accents. Kody recalls that he always has fun with Christine, but she’s always going to interrupt the good times to dissect their relationship. Janelle, Meri, and Robyn cite them as goofy and fun-loving. The pirate attraction is followed by an intense therapy session which is centered on distrust and lack of intimacy. Christine admits to her jealousy and anger and they rehash a time when Christine expressed her disdain with plural marriage. Both Christine and Kody agree that they are horrific at communicating with each other, and they spend more time pushing buttons than actually listening. 

Christine’s mother is watching her grandchildren. She is thrilled to be home with the brood, including Truely who is quite the handful, I’m not going to lie, I burst out laughing when she tells the producers that she doesn’t want to talk about her mom and dad…and she utilizes air quotes. Amazing. Back in Texas, Nancy has Kody and Christine tackle a team building exercise by stacking rocks on the beach. Kody is hellbent on making their rock tower about the family, and Christine wants to make it about the two of them. Kody ignores her requests and brags about doing so. As his mane blows in the salt air, Kody bulldozes through their “team” task with little regard for Christine or her feelings. 

Nancy questions whether they did a good job on the exercise. Kody pounds his chest while yelling, “YESSS! I AM AWESOME!” as Christine pouts that her input wasn’t considered. Kody jokes that he may have been a little bossy, but he still won’t listen when Christine reminds him that this rock tower was supposed to be symbolic of their marriage, not their giant family and his three other wives. Kody retorts that is she honors the family, he’ll honor her. Is he accepting applications for wife number five? I’m not quite that desperate, but a girl has to have a few back-up plans…

Kody isn’t sorry for railroading Christine and her ideas. His family was well-established before Christine arrived so he isn’t going stray from what he feels is important to be all lovey-dovey and romantical with his insecure wife. Christine concedes and the two head to Galveston’s finest restaurant for dinner. The conversations they are having strike me as the types of talks a couple should have before they get married, not twenty-one years into their marriage. Christine gushes that she “finally gets” how important the entire family is to Kody and how her “let’s just enjoy our time as the two of us” nagging could get annoying. Really, Christine? Sheesh. Hold that d-bag accountable! 

Back in Las Vegas, Janelle is trying to wrangle her precocious teens while waxing poetic about how happy she is that Kody and Christine have the opportunity for a romantic getaway. I take that to mean that she’s happy for the corny husband reprieve. After intense therapy sessions with Nancy, Kody and Christine are meeting with Pat before leaving Texas. Kody is wearing his finest head-to-toe denim when he realizes that he has a hard time validating his wives’ sadness and jealousy because he recognizes that he’s the reason for it. He needs to acknowledge Christine when she isn’t all fairy dust and bunny rabbits. 


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