Updated: Lamar Odom Out Of Coma And Breathing On His Own

Lamar Odom At LAX

In what seems to be a bit of a miracle twist, Lamar Odom seems to be experiencing a turnaround in his health.  Lamar was hospitalized on Tuesday after a coke and herbal Viagra bender at a brothel in Nevada.  The former NBA star is now awake from his coma after four days and is breathing on his own. 

New reports out this afternoon claim that Lamar woke up long enough to smile at soon-to-be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian and say “hey baby” to her before falling to sleep.  Lamar is also now rumored to be breathing on his own and his heart is showing signs of being on the mend, as well.  That’s pretty great news for a guy whose survival seemed bleak just yesterday, with multiple organ failure. 

It’s also reportedly possible that despite his strokes, Lamar may not suffer extensive brain damage because he had a continuous flow of oxygen – albeit low levels – pretty much the whole time and now that he’s awake, it’s even better for his chances of a recovery.  TMZ’s sources claim when Lamar was admitted to the first hospital his respirations were 6-8 breaths a minute. Normal is 12-20, so doctors figure he was never completely without oxygen.   “Doctors who are treating Lamar are hopeful he did not suffer significant brain damage because of lack of oxygen.”

And according to E!, “Doctors had indicated to his family that because he likely suffered multiple strokes, he could have severe physical and mental impairment and that the longer he remained unresponsive, the less likely he may have normal brain function if and when he woke up.” 

Khloe is still by Lamar’s side, along with his two children, Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr, 13, and their mom, Liza Morales.  Also at the hospital is Lamar’s often-estranged father.

We wish Lamar well on his road to recovery and if he pulls through this scary episode okay, we hope he takes this second chance at life very seriously. Hopefully he gets his act together and gets some help for his addictions.  His kids need a father. 

UPDATE: Liza Tweeted out her thanks tonight.  “The TRUTH is God is good. All the time. Continued prayers for my children and their father. Thank you for the support and well wishes.” 


Photo Credit: Wenn.com