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On last night’s Sister Wivesannouncements were abundant. There were announcements on top of announcements interrupting announcements. But hey, at least we were spared a Brown party! After a quick daddy-daughter getaway, Kody Brown is back home with his four wives and umpteen children. Christine giggles with glee as Robyn reveals that they are filing the adoption papers with family court. Meri remains dour on the sofa, and Christine is concerned about a judge’s opinion on plural marriage. If Meri were any more checked out of this situation, she’d be a library book. She’s making Janelle look like a cheerleader!

Kody and his wives head to their attorney’s office where Sobbin’ Robyn cries tears of joy to learn that if this works out, her kids will be issued new birth certificates with Kody’s name listed as their father. Kody tries to high-five Meri–this wouldn’t have been possible without her–and she’s all, “that’s cool.” Does no one in the family realize Meri has become nothing more than a mute placeholder? I could swear she rolls her eyes when Christine says that Kody is a great person for Robyn to have as her kids’ dad. 


Back at the house, Kody jokes with Robyn’s three children that he has already signed the adoption papers and it could take up to six weeks to find out if it goes through. Kody tries to be super cool in his announcement, but he doesn’t get the response he hoped. The kids are like mini-Meris. “That’s cool.” All of the wives are present for this news, but once they leave, Kody and Robyn break another big secret. She’s pregnant. Robyn’s daughters are shrieking with joy. Finally, a reaction! Robyn is worried about sharing her pregnancy with the rest of the family, given the lukewarm reception she while expecting Solomon. She admits that she selfishly told her children first so she could have a positive moment…she’s not banking on getting one from the entire clan. 

Meri than makes an announcement to the production crew. She lost thirty pounds in a six week period, and a CAT scan found some issues that are sending her to yet another doctor. She’s frustrated and scared that all of the tests haven’t led to any form of diagnosis. Meri’s appetite is waning due to a constant stomach pains, and her gynecologist suggests a pap smear to rule out cervical cancer. An understandably stressed out Meri leaves the doctor’s office prepared to play the waiting game on the results. It’s kind of sad that she has no one to lean on or give her support. Her husband and his new legal wife are too wrapped up in their own world, and it’s clear that she is completely miserable in her current situation.

Pretending that Kody has feelings for wives other than Robyn, he and Christine are following up with their therapist after their anniversary trip counseling session. They revisit the rock stacking exercise in Texas, and Kody jokes that he may not be the best at listening to instructions. You don’t say! Christine feels that she hasn’t had a voice in their relationship. She just does what he says and doesn’t have her own voice. Christine cites seeing Robyn confront Kody all the time as a wake-up call given he’s still gaga over her. Can’t she get the same respect? 

Robyn tells Meri the pregnancy news, and Meri agrees to host the family at her home and make the announcement. Robyn still stings from some of the comments the teenagers made on camera after learning she was expecting Solomon, and she knows everyone will suspect another baby if she invites everyone to her house for the big reveal. She complains about how lonely that pregnancy was and she’s bracing for the same reaction this time around. This is certainly Robyn’s season isn’t it? She believes the group’s response to this news will show how they are doing as a family. She hopes there has been vast improvement since their move to Las Vegas, but she’s not holding her breath.

As the family gathers, Meri takes the floor to make the announcement, and everyone is over the moon. The kids start throwing out names left and right, with Maverick and Poop and Hash being the front runners. Kody is getting angrier and angrier as the kids joke, but Robyn is thrilled that the children are so excited. Shut up, Kody! Even the teens who were skeptical about Solomon are elated. Meri breaks her sofa silence to declare she believes it’s a girl. Janelle hopes Robyn is carrying twins. She explains that it will be much easier for all of the wives and older children to be in a position to help given the cul-de-sac compound. 

As the show draws to a close, Robyn and Kody are taking her daughters with them to their first prenatal appointment with the midwife. Robyn and Kody tell the midwife that a twins prediction seems to be the consensus, and they are hoping to put this theory to rest. The girls are giggly over hearing the heartbeat and seeing the ultrasound. Just one! 


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