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Last week on Couples Therapy, the tampon mystery was solved, and then we were left hanging wondering what the heck was going on with Kaylin and Joe. Well, as it turns out, Joe had a warrant out for his arrest over an unsettled domestic violence case. Yikes. Kaylin was not completely blindsided by the news, as she knew about it, but didn’t know that Joe skipped his court hearing. So, needless to say, Kaylin had to come to terms with leaving the house and the fact that domestic violence could be in her future, even though she swore that Joe never laid a hand on her. For the record, the dispute was with someone else, not Kaylin.

But Kaylin wasn’t the only one who got an extra large dose of reality this week. In fact, after a compatibility test was done, one couple learned that they really weren’t very compatible, leaving them seething. Meanwhile, another house guest was left stunned to learn that other people in the house though they were extremely rude, loud and downright arrogant. Find out who that was inside, but I’m guessing you already know.


Yes, after only a few days in the house, Joe was already sent packing, err, arrested over a domestic violence dispute that he failed to show up in court for. That also meant that Kaylin had to leave, but something tells me that she will be back before we know it (okay, you got me, the previews for next week revealed they’ll both be back). But even without Kaylin and Joe, the drama continued.

Couples Therapy Carmen Carrera

Communication Really Is The Key 

If there is one thing that Carmen and Adrian have already learned about one another, it is that secrets will kill their relationship. With that in mind, Dr. Jenn brought them in for a two-on-one session with her, where she wanted the details of what went wrong with them, because clearly, they are a very affectionate couple. It seems to have all stemmed from Carmen not letting Adrian in on her transition, which led Adrian to distance himself. And the downward spiral continued as Carmen then felt all alone, which led to cheating. But then Adrian cheated on her in retaliation, so they both messed up. What they did learn this week was that they need to be completely honest with one another, about everything. According to Carmen, Adrian should brace himself to hear what goes on in her head. Uh Oh!


Everyone Loves Some Good Gossip

Admit it, we all love some good gossip now and again, so what makes the celebrities on the show any different? They’re not. In fact, after learning of Joe’s violent past, the first thing that they all did was hop on their devices to google what it was that Joe did and to whom. Well, they were relieved to know that it wasn’t with Kaylin, but also concerned that Joe could potentially hit any single one of them. But the gossip was not flying with Dr. Jenn (don’t they realize they are being filmed?), who went on to inform them that they should not be gossiping behind anyone’s back, but talking directly to that person. That left everyone in the house feeling that they needed to be more open and honest with one another.

Couples Therapy Dr. Jenn

Sometimes, The Truth Really Hurts

Most of the couples seemed to agree that being open and honest in order to help the other couples was definitely a great idea, and they started to implement it immediately. However, for Janice, it seemed to sting a bit. At least, when someone tried to point out the obvious to her, that is. Jackie, who has been nothing but sweet to her, despite Janice’s constant outbursts, belittling, and interruptions, finally got up the nerve to tell Janice how rude and loud she was. And how did Janice react? Just like typical Janice – yelling, screaming, and throwing a hissy fit. Um, how old is she? 5, 6, 7?

And Sometimes, The Truth Doesn’t Make A Whole Lot Of Sense

For their activity this week, the couples had their DNA analyzed to see how compatible they actually are. Brace yourselves folks – these results may shock you. Big Ang and Neil had a great compatibility rate at 80%, while Adrian and Carmen were slightly behind with 78%. The most compatible couple in the house? Nope, not Scott and Jackie, but Janice and Rocky! Yes, I was just as shocked as you are – how the heck anyone be compatible with that nut job? As for Scott and Jackie, they scored the lowest with 25%, which baffled both of them, along with everyone else. Out of all of the couples, Scott and Jackie have been together the longest, and have been through the most nonsense together. 

Couples Therapy Scott Stapp

Jackie and Scott were clearly pissed by the results, but Dr. Jenn reminded them that it’s not about the results, it’s about how they handle it going forward that will make or break them. And Jackie stayed true to her “open and honest” policy, because the first thing she did after telling Janice to stop her antics, was to lay into Scott for not backing her up. She felt she was not being supported by her husband, and she has every reason to feel that way. Will these two be able to work through their issues? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out – and watch as Joe and Kaylin make their way back to the house. Fun times ahead, people.


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