Heated Confrontation Between Shannon Beador And David’s Mistress At USC Game

David and Shannon Beador live chat

When Shannon Beador shared on Instagram that “someone with no moral compass” was “stalking” her at the USC game this weekend, I had a hunch that someone was David Beador‘s former mistress.

Apparently, it was, and it didn’t end well.

Multiple sources report, Shannon and David‘s mistress Nicole McMackin got into a heated confrontation at the football game. But who is to blame – the Real Housewives of Orange County star or the mistress?


Shannon Beador fight with mistress at USC game

During the game, Shannon shared the photo above on Instagram, adding, “Go Trojans! Cheering with good friends! Sorry Tamra Judge couldn’t make it! Someone with no moral compass decided to show up again. Watch reunion part 2 on Monday and you’ll understand who I’m talking about!  #narcissist  #stalker”

Story #1 – Nicole Instigated the Fight

According to Us Magazine, Nicole went out of her way to get Shannon and David‘s attention, walking past their seats purposely, but Shannon ignored her. (and posted passive aggressive messages on social media) However, when Shannon and Nicole came face-to-face in the tunnel, the “heated confrontation” was unavoidable.

“That is when Shannon calmly said to Nicole, ‘You have a lot of nerve being here,'” said Us’s source, adding, at that point, Nicole yelled “f–k you” within “two inches” of Shannon’s face.

The source added, “Shannon followed with an, ‘Are you kidding me?’ to which Nicole replied, ‘You’re sick and you’re crazy.'” Then, Shannon said to Nicole, “Why are you describing yourself to me?” and screamed to the crowd, “Nicole is the woman who had an affair with my husband!”

Story #2 – Shannon Instigated the Fight

According to Entertainment Tonight, as season ticket holders, Nicole and her husband regularly attend the USC football games, as do Shannon and David. This week, Shannon and David were seated just fifteen rows behind Nicole, and Shannon yelled (the source doesn’t say what she yelled or to whom) before the game even began.

As for the confrontation in the tunnel, ET’s source claimed it was Shannon who went out of her way to approach Nicole as she was returning to her seat.

Nicole‘s husband jumped in, saying, ‘Shannon, go sit down. No money to be made here. Please let us be,'” said the source. “One of Nicole’s friends then started yelling, threatening that if Shannon did not leave them alone, she was going to call security.”

The source added, then Shannon grabbed Nicole‘s arm and screamed, “Wait until Monday. Wait until Monday. The press will be all over you again – you just wait!”

The cherry on top of the crazy sundae…

“Later in the game,” shared ET’s witness, “when Nicole and her friends were walking down the stairs, Shannon started jumping up and down, screaming, ‘That’s Nicole McMackin. She slept with my husband about three to four times.'” Reportedly, David just sat in silence with his head down.

Shannon Beador Instagram

After the game, all was right in Shannon Beador‘s world again. She posted the photo above on Instagram, with the caption, “Love my husband! Having an amazing night at the most incredible restaurant! #restored #godisgood”


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