Couples Therapy Recap: Should We Cut Off His Balls Right Now?

Kaylin tears up on Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy sure has been chock full of drama this season, hasn’t it? Last week, we watched as Joe and Kaylin left the house as Joe had to take care of a domestic violence dispute, and then Janice was blindsided when Jackie called her out on her rude and obnoxious behavior. Seriously, can she be that blind to the way she treats people? She must be, because Janice went into complete panic tonight when she was called out, yet again, but I’ll get into that inside.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenn informed the house that Kaylin would be returning for a group session without Joe, so they could ask her anything they wanted without having to worry about him. That didn’t mean that Joe wasn’t returning though, as Dr. Jenn noted that the group would have to deal with Joe later that night, and they needed to work through their feelings. But for their first group session of the day, they would be calling out others in an attempt to help them fix their relationships, leaving Dr. Jenn wanting to hand someone the scissors. Yikes! Get all the details inside.


Couples Therapy kicked off this week with a “call someone out” group session, where each person had to write down the name of another person they would like answers from as to why they do certain things in their relationship. Needless to say, it was fun to watch.

Big Ang gets mad on Couples Therapy

Would You Like To Cut Off His Balls Right Now?

It’s no surprise that Big Ang was one of the first people to called out, about why she treats Neil the way she does. I mean, we all love her, but damn, give the man a chance to speak once in a while, eh? And of course, when Ang was asked about it, she went off, complaining about Neil as she normally does and leaving us wondering how the heck he stayed with her for so long. But finally, Dr. Jenn had enough of the way she was talking to Neil, and offered to give Big Ang some scissors so she could “cut off his balls” right then and there. Hmm, nothing like a slap with reality for Ang.


Wait, It Appears That It May Have Clicked, Finally!

After hearing what Dr. Jenn had to say about how Ang was treating Neil, something must have clicked. Why? Because…wait for it…Big Ang finally broke down in tears. This was huge for someone who swore she hasn’t cried since her mother passed away. When Dr. Mike asked Ang to explain why she was crying, Big Ang looked at Neil and actually apologized! I know, we were as shocked as you all are. The two hugged and gave us all a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, their relationship will survive after all.

If You Can’t Take The Heat….Fake A Panic Attack

Let’s admit it – we all know that one person who can point out everyone else’s flaws, but is somehow blind to all of their own. Well, this season, that award definitely goes to Janice. It’s no shocker that Janice was the next person called out (by Jackie no less). The room was silent as everyone wanted to know why Janice treats Rocky the way she does, and why he doesn’t stand up for himself more. That was, until Janice stormed out demanding, “I need a cigarette.” 

Janice has a panic attack on Couples Therapy

However, Janice couldn’t even get her cigarette to her mouth before she started to hyperventilate and cry. But that didn’t stop her stop her diva behavior. When Dr. Mike came out and told Janice to breathe, Janice began to bark back at him, “don’t you know anything about panic attacks?” and “get me some ice, I don’t need to breathe.” Finally, Janice began to calm down, and even admitted that she felt slightly suicidal to Carmen. I’m still not convinced though that it wasn’t all just an act on Janice’s part.

A Tough Realization

Kaylin’s back, y’all! And Kaylin was thrilled to be back in the house with everyone. Not only did she come back with a new energy about her, but Kaylin also came to the realization that the things Joe was in their relationship, does not equate to love. It was a tearful group session as Kaylin told everyone that Joe is a monster, and the way he treats her is not (i.e. not even batting an eye when she cries, let alone attempting to hold her). Regardless of what happens with Joe though, Kaylin knew that she needed the help, and everyone else was thrilled to be able to help her – even Janice, who told her she’d have her back if Joe decided to get violent with her.

Joe Returns To Couples Therapy

The Look Of Death

Everyone was in bed when Joe made his return to the house. Well, almost everyone. Aside from Dr. Jenn, Janice was also awake and in the room when Joe walked in. She wouldn’t even give him so much as a “hello.” When Joe joked with her that she couldn’t say “hi,” the look of death came over Janice. Or maybe that’s her everyday look, ha. In any event, Janice began to grill Joe for answers, and as usual, we were left hanging until next week, but it certainly seemed like he was about to sputter out some lies.


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