On this week’s 90-Day Fiance, battle lines are being drawn. Loren and Alexei, who’s just flown to Florida from Israel, move in with Loren’s parents (for reasons that are still somewhat clear as mud), but Loren isn’t so sure she’s ready to make space in her closet for Alexei yet. Um, what about space in her life? As a travel-weary Alexei tries to settle in while Loren yips and giggles at him about “invading her space!” he makes it plain that he is not up for this sort of forced banter yet, ultimately throwing his bags wherever he pleases before sitting down to have a drink with Loren’s parents. 

Loren’s father isn’t thrilled that Alexei is sharing a room with his daughter just beyond the paper walls of their shared condo, so he uncomfortably lays down the laws of his land: he doesn’t want to see It or hear It. “It” being nookie, they presume. That is all. Welcome home, Alexei! Drink up, dude. 



In Rexburg, Idaho, Josh escorts Aleksandra on a tour of his town. Which takes maybe 5 minutes, tops. He wants her to feel at home here where she will be judged mercilessly for the next 65 years. The city looks like a scene out of I Am Legend as they wander around a bit with nary another humanoid in sight. Aleksandra misses dancing in Prague, wearing short dresses in Prague, and getting attention from boys in Prague. But now she’s here in Rexburg, baptized as a Mormon and preparing for the rest of her life as Josh’s long-sleeved wife. What could go wrong?

In an effort to make her feel more at home, Josh later takes Aleksandra “salsa” dancing at a local strip mall. Under the maximum-wattage florescent lights, Josh does his best to show Aleksandra a good time. But she’s not thrilled with the vibe, which says “Welcome to Walmart!” rather than “Welcome to the Jungle!” She wants to leave early, which disappoints Josh. He doesn’t know how to make her happy. Rexburg ain’t Prague, and it never will be. Alexandra says she’s just realizing she’ll never find somewhere she’s comfortable here. She wants to go home to Prague more and more these days. Uh oh.


In Baltimore, we revisit the house of horrors in which Mark is slowly transforming Nikki into the first wife that (literally) got away. Mark is struggling with balancing work and entertaining Nikki. But Nikki has found ways to entertain herself! Like rearranging Mark’s entire book shelves in order of big to small. (Snort! I sort of love her right now.) The man who folds his towels just so and demands that his car windows are hand print-free is not thrilled to see Nikki messing with his books. Nikki’s all, “Take care. Bye bye!” when he starts nit-picking at her though. She’s done with this old dude and his curmudgeony ways. She’s got Divorce Books to research, yo!


In Pennsylvania, Melanie is leaving Devar at the house while she heads off to work. He’s got a lot of free time on his hands, as the K1 Visa does not allow work during its 90-day duration. He Skypes his sister Lisa in Jamaica, who misses him – and his cooking. Devar’s got 7 siblings and assorted nieces and nephews back home, who are struggling financially more now that Devar’s left for America. His life guarding job used to help them out, and he plans to continue sending cash back home when he’s able to secure work in the US (6-7 months from now, in Devar’s optimistic estimation). But, as of now, Melanie doesn’t know about Devar’s plans to send money back home. So, when is he planning on dropping this bomb on his future wife? The day he proposed might have been a good time! 


Carolina is still in Colombia, but she’s serious about pursuing her K1 Visa to come to America with Fernando. So she goes wedding dress shopping with her mom, aunts, and cousins to keep it real. Her mother breaks down in tears as she swallows the bitter pill of her daughter leaving the country soon, possibly for life. Carolina finds a gorgeous wedding dress and veil, but her mother tears up more thinking about how she won’t even get to be at her own daughter’s wedding. 

With 54 days to wed, Aleksandra is more homesick than ever. She Skypes Ary, her dance partner and best friend back in Prague. She admits her sadness and disappointment in Rexburg’s lack of dancing venues and in Josh’s poor dance skills. (If anything, this list of “concerns” highlights Aleksandra’s age more than her citizenship.) Ary encourages her that she’ll be fine. But Aleksandra says “How can I get married at 21? It’s terrible.” The realization that she’s a fish out of water, and a very young one at that, is washing over her heavily. She wants to go home to Prague, but the wedding is looming closer each day.

Speaking of looming, Mark wakes up a napping Nikki to discuss their issues. They have 69 days to wed. Mark says his life is the way he wants it, but he’s trying to make space for her. Nikki feels ignored and left behind most days, but Mark says he has no regrets. Maybe she has regrets? he wonders. Nikki admits when she hugs him sometimes, he doesn’t hug her back. He’s not as passionate with her anymore. She feels like she’s seeing a different Mark than the one she met in the Philippines. (The spry 57-year old of yesteryear?)

Mark sees these 90 days as a test. In a warped and creepy metaphor, he explains he’s “not about to take a goldfish out of the goldfish bowl and watch it flounder about, left to die on the table.” Okay, Mark. You had me at “left to die on the table.” #WHERESWIFE#1? #coldcase! 

In a less frightening but no less strained household, Loren and Alexei are dining with her family. Alexei is missing his family back in Israel. He contributed a lot to the household he shared with his mother and brother, and he says his father and grandmother are not doing well physically. It was hard to leave everyone behind because they relied on him for a lot. He never wanted to move to America, but did so solely because of Loren.

Alexei and Loren Skype with his father and grandmother, who report that Alexei’s brother had a “breakdown” after he left. His mom is also reeling from his departure, says his dad. Loren is upset to hear how much Alexei’s family misses him, and walks off to the bedroom to sulk after the Skype call is over. She locks Alexei out of the bedroom like a child, perhaps due to guilt over taking Alexei away from his family. Perhaps because all drama has to be all about her all of the time. Hmmm. 

In Colombia, Fernando and Carolina visit the zoo to take their minds off of Carolina’s K1 Visa being approved. Fernando coaches Carolina in useful English phrases like “what’s up dude” and “I’m scared.” What about “who is this woman’s number in your phone?” and “tell your mother to back off!” Maybe those phrases will be in lesson #2? Carolina is frustrated with the length of time it’s taking to get her visa approved, but Fernando encourages her to think happy thoughts. Because…he’s got no solid answers for her.

“I don’t like this,” Carolina says. The distance is not good for them, or for Fernando’s cheating ways. She doesn’t want to be a jealous girlfriend. “But you are a jealous girlfriend,” snarks Fernando. Yeah, because his shady a$$ has given her reason to be, she maintains.     

With 45 days to wed, Devar and Melanie are cooking dinner for Melanie’s sisters Bev and Sherry. While Bev has already grilled Devar on his intentions, this is Sherry’s first chance to do so. She wants to know it all: ever been married? How many previous girlfriends? How many hookups? Devar minimizes her concerns, turning his attentions to the lobsters. He leaves the sisters alone, and they commiserate on their mutual distrust of Devar. Sherry encourages a pre-nup, which Melanie scoffs at. Right not, she’s financially supporting him 100% though. 

As the awkward dinner grinds on, Devar admits he’s not financially where he wants to be, but he has a strong work ethic. Sherry asks him straight up if he plans to help his sisters pay their mortgages once he secures work in the US. “Most definitely,” he answers, “I will assist them in any way.” Melanie is shocked to hear that he’s planning to send money back, let alone nine-tenths of the money he makes – which Devar also fesses up to. “Maybe I will do that pre-nup,” concludes Melanie to her sneering (and justifiably) self righteous sisters.

Devar interviews that his priority is his family back in Jamaica. If Melanie doesn’t agree with his plan to send 90% of his income back to Jamaica, he’ll still do it. “She can be mad at me, she can be pissed off at me, but I will still do it,” he says. Duly noted, dude. 

Back at the dinner table, Melanie questions Devar’s plan to send most of his income home. She supports herself here everyday, so why is he not interested in helping the family he’s making here instead of funneling income back home to adults who should be able to provide for themselves? Devar has no answers, or he doesn’t feel compelled to explain himself. But Melanie’s sisters wonder how much more about Devar Melanie doesn’t know yet.

Inside the house, cameras catch Melanie b*tching out Devar about busting her a$$ to get him to the US, only to be told JUST NOW that his plan is to work here just for the benefit of his family back home! Devar doesn’t say much, but based on what he’s already admitted…what else is there to say, really? He’s made his intentions plain. 

At Loren and Alexei’s house of drama, Loren finally lets Alexei into the room. She feels like “a monster” for taking him away from his family, but he doesn’t want her to get overly emotional about the situation. Her emotional outburst upsets him more about the loss he’s feeling, and he doesn’t want to dwell on it. He heads outside for a smoke while, inside, Loren’s parents wonder whether this new couple understands the inevitable bumps in the road they’ll face together. Something tells me they do not. 


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