90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 8 Couples Ranked From Solid to WTF

Photo Credit: TLC/YouTube

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 8 has one of the most diverse casts of couples 90 Day Fiancé has ever seen. It features a record-breaking nine couples, the highest amount that has ever been featured on Happily Ever After?. While some of the couples this season are pretty solid, others have more tumultuous relationships.

Here is our official ranking of all the Season 8 couples. From the most solid couple to the couple that makes us think WTF!

Loren & Alexei – The Most Solid

Loren Brovarnik and her husband Alexei Brovarnik are Season 8’s most solid couple by far. Loren and Alexei have been married for nine years, and now have three children together. The majority of couples on Season 8 have been together for a much shorter amount of time, making Loren and Alexei the exceptions.

Emily & Kobe – Very Solid

After their time on 90 Day Fiancé Season 9, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise were not exactly fan favorites. However, after only two episodes of Happily Ever After?, it is clear that the couple has come a long way. Emily and Kobe are now happily married with three kids, although their son Atem was not born when they filmed Season 8. Emily’s decision to travel to Cameroon to meet Kobe’s family shows her dedication to her marriage, which is doing excellent.

Patrick & Thaís – Pretty Solid

Patrick Mendes and Thaís Ramone had their ups and downs on 90 Day Fiancé Season 9, but were pretty solid for the most part. After Season 9 aired, Patrick and Thaís welcomed their daughter Aleesi. The couple’s Happily Ever After? story line will see them travel to Thaís’ home country of Brazil, along with Patrick’s brother John McManus. Patrick and Thaís have been married for two years now, and their relationship is still going strong.

Gino & Jasmine – Somewhat Solid

Surprisingly Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda make the upper half of this list. While Gino and Jasmine are not the most solid couple of the season, they are more solid than the majority of Season 8 couples. Gino and Jasmine certainly have their issues, but at the end of the day the love in their relationship is there. In the past, Gino and Jasmine have faced serious issues involving exes and sending nude photos. If they can get past that, they can get past anything!

Ashley & Manuel – So So

Ashley Campbell and Manuel Velez’s relationship is all over the place, but it’s unlikely that they will break up. While Ashley and Manuel do fight a lot, it is evident that they have a strong love for one another deep down. The biggest issue Ashley and Manuel are facing at the moment is Manuel not letting Ashley talk to his kids. This is certainly a big deal, but it is something that can easily and quickly be resolved.

Nicole & Mahmoud – Pretty Chaotic

Mahmoud El Sherbiny only just arrived in the United States, but he and his wife Nicole Sherbiny are already butting heads. Nicole and Mahmoud clashed over cultural differences when they lived together in Egypt, which is why Nicole hopes things will improve for them in America. Unfortunately for Nicole, Mahmoud was unhappy with America from the minute he stepped off the airplane. Nicole and Mahmoud are definitely one of the messier couples on Season 8 so far.

Angela & Michael – Not Solid At All

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi are definitely one of the messiest couples on Season 8. The couple’s story line this season will revolve around Michael’s spousal visa application, to see if he can finally come to America. In recent weeks, however, Michael has made headlines for going missing in the United States. It seems like Michael made it to the USA after all, but that his relationship with Angela hasn’t been the smoothest since he’s been here.

Rob & Sophie – Not Compatible

Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra are off to a rough start on Season 8. After moving to Texas, Sophie moved in with a friend when she realized Rob had online cheated more than she thought. While the couple met up to try to work things out, this ended in disaster with Sophie walking out. Sophie is still refusing to move back in with Rob, which should not be happening in the honeymoon stage of marriage. This couple is on super thin ice at the moment!

Ed & Liz – WTF

Ed Brown and Liz Woods have been a chaotic couple from the jump, who have broken up over a dozen times. Season 8 follows Ed and Liz’s move to Arkansas, where they plan to get married. While we don’t know if Ed and Liz ever tied the knot, it seems pretty certain that they are currently broken up. Liz has publicly hard launched her new boyfriend, which seems like solid confirmation that she is done with Ed. After all of this, it’s annoying that they were even cast!