Sister Wives Recap: Alaska Bound

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Last night’s Sister Wives introduced us to Madison Brown’s now-fiance Caleb, and it teased us about next week’s finale that has Meri rehashing her catfish situation. There is certainly going to be plenty of fodder for the reunion! The family is heading off to Alaska for a vacation, and Logan and Madison are both taking their significant others. Logan reveals that he still plans on only having one wife, and his girlfriend Michelle jokes that she doesn’t plan on sharing her husband with anyone. Madison is head over heels with Caleb, and she admits that he has been interested in her since they first met when she was seventeen. Of course, due to their ten year age gap, he didn’t pursue her back then. 

Kody and Robyn head to their sonogram appointment to find out the sex of the baby. The family’s consensus seems to be that Robyn is having a girl, but TLC needs to drag out the reveal for a story line. Upon arriving in Alaska, the kids are running around, and Garrison does the unthinkable. He complains that Kody and crew are too lenient with Solomon, comforting him when they should be disciplining him. Kody booms that he is the parent and he doesn’t need to Garrison criticizing his parenting skills. Garrison retorts that he wasn’t criticizing, he was advising. Kody doesn’t like being called out by his son…who is right, by the way. Logan is concerned that his giant family is going to overwhelm his poor girlfriend. 


Because their chaos isn’t just contained to their cul-de-sac, the Browns attempt something they’ve never done before…they take the entire family grocery shopping. They’ve got hundreds of meals to prep for this week. Christine’s meds are working overtime, and she’s giddy that she guessed the total grocery bill with Price is Right rules. It’s just shy of three grand. That TLC paycheck must be pretty hefty! The first family outing is panning for gold, and everyone is having a blast. Robyn loves gold (she’s a jewelry designer, remember? Ha!), so she is especially excited. Garrison leaves with close to a hundred bucks worth of gold (it must be the universe’s way of rewarding him for speaking up about Solomon) and wins the “Gold Digger” t-shirt, which causes Truely to have a meltdown. Christine just thinks it’s hilarious. I really need to know what she’s taking!

The following day, Caleb is joining the family on vacation, and Madison is nervous about how badly her family is going to embarrass her. The entire brood runs to the windows to watch Maddie reunite with her boyfriend, and Logan is trying to keep everyone is check. Being away at college, he’s forgotten all the craziness his younger siblings bring to the table…well, that, and he doesn’t want to scare off his girlfriend! Madison fears that her siblings are going bombard Caleb upon his arrival, but instead they awkwardly gawk. Caleb charms the family. He’s a one woman guy too, which makes Maddie incredibly happy.

The family goes for a hike on the Iditarod trail where they meet Moe the Eskimo who jokes with Kody about his multiple wives. Christine is laughing and swearing as she traverses the river on a hand operated gondola. Seriously, her meds are money. Janelle loves seeing her two oldest children in such sweet relationships, but Truely is teasing Maddie and Caleb about marriage. She’s five, so it’s normal, but Kody takes the awkwardness to another level with a creepy story about him asking for permission to court Robyn. Maddie is giving him dagger eyes, but he won’t stop talking. 

Back at the house, the family waits for Hunter to call from Naval Academy prep school. It’s no coincidence that the most well-rounded children have Janelle as a mom. Everyone is thrilled to speak with him, and Robyn decides to do the gender reveal while he’s on Face Time so they have the entire family together. Solomon and Truely are given presents to unwrap and inside both packages are girl baby dolls. They are getting a sister! I enjoy episodes that focus more on the older children, and it’s always nice to be one show closer to the end of the season! 


[Photo Credit: TLC]