reunion below deck crew

It’s Saturday night trivia time!  Tonight’s game will be testing you on your knowledge of Bravo’s Below Deck.  Trivia kicks off at 9 EST/8 CST/6 PST!  Have fun and good luck! 

Disclaimer: This is a fun community game that is organized by our commenters. It’s just a fun way to test your reality TV knowledge and pass the time with your fellow reality TV fans on a Saturday night. If you don’t like it, move along to a different post and don’t play…simple as that. In other words, don’t email with complaints, protests and the like if you don’t agree with or enjoy any piece of the game. Comment policy still applies. Good Luck!

See below for a note from Travis on how the game will be scored:


Each question is worth one point. The first person (or several people depending on the number of participants) to respond with the correct answer will be awarded said point. There will be some more difficult questions which will be worth three points. I will announce when it is a three point question beforehand.

I will be keeping score for everyone (but if you want to keep your own score as well it certainly doesn’t hurt.) At the end of the game, I will post the individuals with the top 5 scores and that will be the end of it! Please know I am not “team anyone” and I award points fairly as everyone can attest to.

Finally, please keep in mind the internet lag does play into the scoring and I award points based on what I see on my screen. I’m sorry if you feel you should have been awarded the point and I don’t mention your name…it’s just a luck of the draw. I try to be as fair as possible and I just want everyone to have a great time. That’s its…best of luck to everyone!!!!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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