David Bromstad To Host New HGTV Show, My Lottery Dream Home

HGTV host David Bromstad

Calling all HGTV fans!

David Bromstad, who won Design Star and hosted Color Splash, is set to host a new HGTV show, My Lottery Dream Home, in January. My Lottery Dream Home sounds like House Hunters: Lottery Winners Edition. What remains to be seen, however, is if having a ridiculous amount of cash to spend on a house will result in more or less whining about granite, stainless steel, and paint colors.


My Lottery Dream Home

“Every lottery winner featured in the series can’t believe they now have millions of dollars to spend on a home,” shared David. “It’s an incredible feeling for me to show them properties they never dreamed they could afford. It’s like I’m living the fantasy life with them.”

Sounds like fun, not to mention David is one of my favorite HGTV personalities, so I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Per the press release:

Lucky lottery winners will use their newfound wealth to make their dream home a reality in HGTV’s new series My Lottery Dream Home. During the series, premiering Friday, January 8, at 11 p.m. ET/PT, host David Bromstad will take overnight millionaires on the ultimate search for their new home. From seven-figure real estate listings to 10-acre properties and nine-bedroom mansions, these big winners will upgrade from average digs to high-dollar properties.

In the season premiere, David will take Ohio lottery winners Joe and Lauren on a search for the perfect family dream home. Currently renting, the couple says they fantasize about finding a spacious new home where they can expand their family. David will show them three gorgeous properties, including a newly built home that Joe and Lauren can customize; a sprawling three-acre mansion with six-car garage; and a luxurious move-in ready home with an elaborate upstairs movie theater. In the end, Joe and Lauren will choose one of the properties to call home.

“I still can’t believe this is really happening,” said Lauren. “We look forward to making memories in the home of our dreams for years to come.”

This show is right up my alley. Like I said, I adore David, so I’d watch any show he hosts. I also like to dream about winning the lottery. Confession: I totally look at “if I won the lottery” house plans every once in a while. Usually around 3 AM when I should be sleeping. Until I win the lottery (I don’t actually play the lottery, so never), I’ll live vicariously through the couples on My Lottery Dream Home.


Photo Credit: HGTV