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RHOA’s Peter Thomas Accused of Giving Bar Patron A Beat Down?


Peter Thomas, the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s buttinsky husband of series co-star Cynthia Bailey was accused of giving one of his bar patrons a beat down in the wee hours of Sunday morning at the Sports One Charlotte in North Carolina, a bar he co-owns with his wife. 

The alleged assault involved Brandon Link, who claims he and Peter had been discussing a business proposal that involved his wanting to rent out space at the bar.  Apparently, the negotiations between the men went totally left and Link accused Peter of becoming irate and yelling, “You think I give a f**k about your money?”  Suddenly, Link alleges that Peter’s anger turned into violence and he was flung across the room like a rag doll.

Link summoned police who responded and assessed the situation but reportedly did not see any cause for arrests. 

As a result of the violent action, Link claims to have bashed his head against the corner of a table.  Upon seeking medical attention, Link says he was diagnosed with a concussion which he is attributing to Peter’s rage. 

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Peter however is pointing the finger of  blame for the incident back at Link.  The lounge owner gave a different account for the seemingly out-of-control situation telling TMZ, the patron was merely drunk and had become aggressive.  Peter claims Link’s actions prompted his security staff to escort him off the premises but that once he stepped outside, he slipped and struck his head on the slippery and icy surface. 


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