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Fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have really had a day. Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia, otherwise known as the veryyyy recent ex of her old pal Falynn Guobadia, are engaged. After one month of dating. P claims that she’s never been friends with Falynn, even though the footage shows she literally was the one who BROUGHT HER ON THE SHOW. The internet has not stopped talking about this relationship. And as more receipts are revealed, things are not looking peaceful for Porsha.

RHOA fans have a lot of questions. Whether it’s Porsha’s questionable timeline of the relationship or whether or not Bravo will have a wedding special on their hands. All we know is this storyline is set to cause more drama than Cynthia Bailey’s super-spreader wedding. Let’s hope LaToya Ali changes her mind about leaving after one season when there’s so much DRAMA to stir up.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta RHOA

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are making more headlines not that the season’s over than they did throughout Season 13. Porsha Williams shocked fans by revealing her new man Simon Guobadia, the ex-husband of her former friend Falynn Guobadia. Even though P denies their friendship ever existed, Falynn came onto the show as her friend-of. And after all of the calls for following girl code last season, this is quite the stray.

Not only are Simon and Porsha together, but they’re engaged after one month of dating. Or at least, that’s the timeline they’re sticking with a la Phaedra Parks style. Plenty of fans have thrown shade at Porsha about her engagement, including her co-stars and rivals Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton. But can you blame them? This whole situation is a hot mess. And Porsha’s secured herself a storyline for Season 14.

LaToya Ali Falynn Guobadia

I think many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans can agree that the Southern ladies did not have the best season this year. With the coronavirus pandemic and the overplay of #BoloGate, something just missed a mark. Kenya Moore continued to stir the pot to keep things interesting and had a few new sidekicks (aka LaToya Ali and Marlo Hampton). But if we didn’t have Kandi Burruss invite the ladies to the dungeon for Cynthia Bailey’s wild bachelorette party, it truly would’ve been a total snoozefest.

But now that the season’s wrapped, Porsha Williams dropped a bomb that has RHOA fans losing their minds. She’s apparently engaged to Simon Guobadia, the very recent ex-husband of friend-of Falynn Guobadia. Yes, the golf club snatching Medusa that Porsha brought onto the show in the first place. This mess has only just begun, and fans have high hopes it will create lots of drama next season. If only Marlo and Twirl had this ammo to throw at P at the reunion.

Fans Speculate Porsha Williams’ Relationship With Falynn Guobadia’s Husband Simon Guobadia Has Gone On Longer Than “A Month”

Kenya Moore, we see you having a great day. Seemingly overnight, news about Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has broken the internet. Yesterday Porsha revealed a brand new chapter of her love life, straight out of a Jackie Collins book. The Hot Dog King has been returned to his bun to make way for… The Oil Guy.

The Oil Guy is Falynn’s Guobadia’s ex-husband, Simon Guobadia. As you know, RHOA featured Falynn this season, along with Simon, who is now engaged to Porsha. Yesterday Porsha dropped a bomb that she has a brand new ring, courtesy of her newish man. Both Simon and Porsha confirmed their love, stating their affair of the heart began about 4 weeks ago. Fans are side-eyeing the timeline, because we aren’t idiots, and some interesting social media posts have resurfaced. Now that we’re talking about the soon-to-be-ex-husband, let’s talk about the boat.

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams has managed to create more drama in the past 24 hours than what went on throughout the entire thirteenth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And this time, it doesn’t even involve Bolo (shocker). P broke the internet by revealing that she’s in a romantic relationship with Simon Guobadia. Yes, that would be Falynn Guobadia’s very recent ex.

If you have a look on your face that looks like Porsha’s when she saw Bolo’s thang for the first time, you’re definitely not alone. Falynn came onto RHOA as a FRIEND-OF PORSHA’S. And while the majority of the drama surrounding her involved being taunted by fellow newbie LaToya Ali, this is a whole other level of breaking girl code. I’d do anything to hear what new besties Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore have to say about this. And honestly, Kandi Burruss and Don Juan probably have plenty of thoughts as well. Now Drew Sidora’s take, on the other hand, I can live without.

Phaedra Parks

As this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta comes to an end, the real star of the show has proven time and time again to be Bolo the stripper. He was the main source of drama throughout the season. Kenya Moore has been on a mission to expose Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam for sleeping with the stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. Porsha and Tanya have denied it and won’t fess up. Bolo caused some tension between Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali as well, thanks to some booty poppin on a coffee table. At the reunion, a Bolo mannequin was even present on stage to convey his importance to the storyline.

What RHOA really needs, like Marlo Hampton suggests, is Phaedra Parks back. Phae is a master at stirring the pot and make Atlanta dramatic again. It was rumored she was going to replace COVID Bailey last season, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We could’ve saw Phaedra and Twirl unpack their drama surrounding Apollo Nida. She could’ve been involved in the amends made between Porsha and Kandi Burruss, even though she was the reason for the feud in the first place. Truly, so many moments would’ve been better with Phaedra there. Maybe next year.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

A season like no other is finally coming to an end. The last chapter of Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is HERE. It’s felt like it’s been on forever. This is partly because of the never ending feud between Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams. It’s time to simply realize these two will NEVER get a lot. It’s not going to happen. There’s no amount of mediating in the world that will bring these two together as friends.

The last part of the reunion will probably put a spotlight on what went wrong for those two this season. They started off rocky and ended in an even worse place. However, they aren’t the only two constantly add odds. Taking a similar trajectory as Kenya & Porsha, Drew Sidora & LaToya Ali immediately clashed as well. The bad blood is very real between those two. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore Marlo Hampton

The current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has, somehow, has made the longtime feud between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore even worse. And Marlo Hampton is dead in the middle, and that’s a very tough place to be. Part Two of the RHOA reunion was filled with even more back and forth between Marlo and Porsha, with P’s lapdog partner-in-crime Shamea Morton right by her side. Shamea has her own issues with MVP Marlo, so it’s obvious she was at the reunion to help Porsha pile on the attacks.

It’s safe to say that Marlo and P’s friendship is over for good. After the lipo accusations, name-calling and low-blows, it just seems like these two need a break from one another. And even though Marlo is keeping Twirl at arm’s length, she was a little guilty of helping her egg on Kenya’s major investigation of who slept with Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.