Mob Wives Recap: You Said What??

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After the drama proffered in last week’s episode of Mob Wives, I’m not quite sure what to do. Normally, I’d recap the season thus far, but OMG! Where do I start? Forgive me for forging in head first, but I’m at a loss. So let’s begin with what we witnessed last night, shall we? Drita D’avanzo is treating Big Ang to a swanky meal for being such a good friend. Such is the lives of Mob Wives! I’m just happy this is the last season, as I am physically and emotionally spent…for no other reason than I have no other shows on Tuesday! Just kidding, I’m enthralled regardless!

Drita contends that Ang will be a leading lady in her upcoming memoir. You can’t write a book about the lifestyle without having Ang front and center! Ang coyly dismisses her friends compliments (are they truly compliments to us normal folk? Is being a mob staple the lifestyle we covet?) and explains her heartache over not being able to hold a liquor license and re-open the Drunken Monkey. Her husband Neil needs to step up to the plate. She’s let him slide on helping pay bills for the last six years, and now it’s time for him to contribute. Changing the subject, Ang reminds Drita that she needs to make amends with Carla Facciolo. Ang admits that she told Carla that Drita shared Carla’s abusive relationship with her and that she announced the same to Carla, Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, and crew. Drita doesn’t discount how this game of telephone came into play, and she’s hesitant to be put in a situation where she needs to address it.


Across town, a very tan Renee greets Karen who is complaining about ex-boyfriend Storm becoming overly drunk and aggressive in their disagreements. Karen knows that she isn’t innocent in their fights, and Renee urges her to call it off completely. Karen is ready to do that, if she gets more screen time. Meanwhile, Ang approaches Neil about not contributing to their finances. He may be supportive in getting her through her cancer diagnosis, but he’s not putting money on the table to help out their dire situation. Ang tries to explain what she needs from him, and Neil is automatically defensive. He wants to hang out with her like a husband, but he’s not able to give her what she wants which is “the money.” Neil storms out and Ang is not surprised by his behavior. But where is the money?

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The following day, Brittany Fogarty arrives at Karen’s house wearing diaper jeans and a toddler’s shirt. The two giggle about their fathers’ bond in prison and discuss how difficult it is to be the daughters of rats in this lifestyle. Karen’s father’s legal team has filed a motion to get her dad out of prison on non-violent drug charge, and she is over the Gotti family trying to keep her family down. Brittany can relate. It’s hard when everyone judges your father’s cooperation with the Feds and equates it to you being weak. We can all relate, right? Not familiar with this situation, Drita is battling her own demons…wondering why her friends have discarded her when she’s been nothing but loyal. Of course, Drita is happy to share these stories with a literary agent in hopes of selling her book. Drita is from the streets. She played soccer. She never graced the entrance of an actual restaurant. She dated a thug. Drita made wrong choices, and she wants to write about those tales in her book. The poor literary agent praises the uniqueness of Drita’s plight while silently willing VH1 to blur her face. She wants to ghost write more books and she certainly doesn’t want to be associated with this one.

Renee is dining with Carla and two other ladies who part of the lifestyle. Someone needs to tell these women that this is the last season, so there is no hope of being peripheral cast members. Carla reminds the women that Drita used to be a good friend, but Drita betrayed her by gossiping about Carla’s domestic abuse to Ang. Renee hopes that the upcoming events that everyone will be attending will serve as closure for Drita and Carla’s broken relationship. Sure she does. To what events am I referring? It’s Ang’s Cancer Free celebration! Renee is excited to toast her friend, but she hopes she won’t have to interact with Drita. As Karen explains, all the girls my have issues with each other, but they none of them have a problem with Ang. Who could? Drita arrives, and Brittany hopes that her two new besties, Carla and Drita, can put aside their problems and make amends. Drita interacts with Ang while Renee, Karen and Marissa Jade sulk on the sidelines all “I can’t with her.” Marissa approaches Drita who plays nice, but Marissa reminds Drita of their initial-and unpleasant-interaction. Karen and Renee look on, hoping that fists will fly. Brittany hopes that Drita will put the lush-hater in her place. When Marissa and Drita part on good terms, Carla, Renee, and Karen are beyond peeved. Ang just wishes that everyone could get along.

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Not shockingly, and even though she’s cool with Drita, Marissa is aghast that Brittany is trying so hard to get in Drita’s good graces. Everyone is up at arms about Drita’s complacency until Karen hears a stranger talking smack about her father. She may be terrified to get physical with Drita, but Karen ain’t skeered to throw down with a random VH1 extra! The poor guy just showed up for a televised party and free sandwiches, and now he’s facing teeth loss. Brittany can relate. Ang wonders why her guests can’t focus on the fact that this night is supposed to be about her beating cancer. To placate a ridiculous Karen, Ang evicts the interloper from her party, slipping him a twenty for his troubles on the way out of the shindig. The next day, Karen is breaking up with Storm yet again. She’s tired of their on-and-off relationship, and she’s ready to end it for good. The pair argue about their communication skills. As Karen cries about always feeling defensive, I curse VH1 for not springing for closed captioning. Karen and Storm are fighting. About what? I’m not sure I could tell you. I’m not willing to rewind umpteen times to figure out their messiness, and I don’t have to as the couple hugs, promising to work on whatever problems I couldn’t interpret in their dialogue. 

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After craziness at her party, Ang is catching up with Carla and Marissa over cocktails. Marissa wonders about Neil’s whereabouts at the celebration, and Ang quickly changes the subject to see how Marissa fared with Drita at the party. Marissa reveals that Drita was fine, but she still hates her weak newbie counterpart Brittany. Carla jumps on this information and brings it back to her crap with Drita. Ang is exhausted. Not only is her husband semi-deadbeat, she’s been battling cancer. Can’t she just have easy friends to counteract her actual problems? Given that the answer is no, an always caring Ang decides to force the issue with a meet-and-greet with her former friends. She’s procured the perfect event space for the stand-off…all that’s missing is a horse head. And that may be forthcoming, I’m not a psychic. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week for the epic culmination! 


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