Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Calls RHOA Castmates “Hypersensitive”

As the resident ‘Southern belle” of the Real Housewives of Atlanta series, you will never catch Phaedra Parks looking “tore up, from the floor up!”  Phaedra is never sans war paint and is always beat from head-to-toe whenever she steps foot out of her door, so why would ANYONE think this diva would attend a luncheon without a stitch of makeup? 

Well even though series newbie, Kim Fields, meant well when she wanted her castmates to partake of her hospitality au natural, not everyone was game.  Since Phaedra understands her Atlanta gal pals, she says that a few of her series co-stars tend to be ‘hypersensitive’ and might have taken Kim’s well intentions the wrong way.

When Phaedra accepted Kim’sbeatless brunch‘ invite, she did not take offense to the theme.  The only reason she chose to wear makeup to the affair was not to protest the idea but it had more to do with a smidge of vanity, “A true southern belle never leaves home without a touch of lip color and a smidge of eyeliner,” she told BravoKenya Moore, who is the pot-stirrer on the show, took offense to Kim’s makeup-less theme invite, taking her to task at the table as they all broke bread.   Kenya felt disrespected by Kim’s theme and thought there was a negative undercurrent in her motives, than just an innocent gathering of girlfriends. 

Phaedra however, chose not to hop on Kenya’s shade-throwing bandwagon implying instead, the girls’ downfall is that they oftentimes just tend to look for troublesome situations that just might not be there.  “The women in our group can be a bit hypersensitive at times. I understand the message that Kim was trying to convey. Kim was the host of the brunch and anyone who objected to the theme should not have attended,” Phaedra told the site.

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Meanwhile, Phaedra, who made the best of the ‘beatless brunch’ by putting her best face forward, has some parting words for those usual suspects in the group, whose shenanigans tend to put a damper on things, “If you took offense and still chose to attend, show some grace and be polite to your hostess.”

Hear THAT Kenya Moore!


(Photo credit:  Bravo)