Mob Wives Recap: Battle Of The Newbies

mob wives marissa

It was a Mob Wives double whammy last night. Not only were we treated to a curse-fueled episode, but Carla Facciolo and Karen Gravano hosted us during commercials courtesy of VH1’s “Fourteen Days of Love” (not Majewski, thank goodness!). Neither of these women is skilled at reading a cue card, that’s for sure. Where we left off last weekBig Ang has arranged a sit down for the ladies so they can civilly discuss their differences. Bwahahahaha! Ang, Karen, Carla, and Renee Graziano patiently await Drita D’avanzo’s arrival so everyone can get to the bottom of all the she-said, she-said that is plaguing Staten Island. To begin, Carla wants to confirm that at one point all of the ladies had actual friendships, but she wants to know why her former bestie has such a giant problem with her.


Drita can’t fathom why everyone is so quick to forget their past beefs and become all lovey dovey. Carla is swearing up a storm about what Drita did to jeopardize their relationship, and Renee interrupts, asking the women to acknowledge that they are both just hurt and need to apologize. Drita finds it laughable that Renee, who used to hate Carla, wants to her happy. Renee accuses Drita of talking smack about her to the newbie, but she realizes that at one point or another, all of these women have spread rumors and broken trust. She apologizes for her faults, and Karen seconds her assertion. Who knew that Renee and Karen would be the voices of reason? There is too much history in their friendships to continue down this path, and everyone agrees to leave their bitterness in the warehouse and move forward. 

After determining the spirits in her house are not bad, Renee wants AJ and his girlfriend Andrea to move in with her. She treats the pair to a cool (literally) night at an ice bar, and she’s plying them with gifts. A Cartier for her and and Rolex for him, and Renee’s got two new roommates. AJ jokes that the bribes were unnecessary, but he would have preferred receiving them in a warmer location. The following day, Marissa is shopping with her boyfriend’s sister August. She’s hoping to find the most amazing birthday gifts for “her man” and she’s kind of “a designer whore” who likes her man to look good. Marissa is annoying. August questions Marissa’s interactions with all of the ladies. Basically, all of the OG ladies grew up with August, and each claims August is like a sister. August knows that Marissa and Drita didn’t mix well at their initial meeting, and she’s not surprised to hear that Marissa actually likes Karen despite her preconceived notions.

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Ang, Karen, Renee, and Carla are swapping stories over cocktails with Brittany Fogarty. If the ladies aren’t going to be sparring with each other, that leaves the new girls as targets, I guess. Renee knows that Brittany and Marissa aren’t off to a good start, but she’s fond of the new newbie. Ang takes it a step further to say that Marissa finds Brittany to be a flip-flopper when it comes to Drita. Karen is confused, aren’t they all just trying to get along. Instead of wondering why the ladies are coming at her, Brittany focuses her anger on Marissa. Marissa is clearly trying to sabotage her friendships with the ladies by bringing to light her new found friendship with Drita. 

Carla and her twins are moving into a new home after thirteen years. The twins are more of a distraction and less of a help, so she calls her ex Joe for some parenting reinforcement. It’s cute to see that Carla and Joe can get along for the sake of their children. That night, Carla has invited Drita, Karen, and Marissa out for a girls’ night. As the women joke about being lushes, Drita questions Marissa’s issues with Brittany. Marissa comes out of the gate with threats about Brittany, and Drita is not sure how Marissa got so heated. Karen and Carla tiptoe around the fact that it’s hard to see the newbies not getting along since they like them both, and Drita casually mentions that Brittany finds Marissa’s bite to be nonexistent when compared to her bite. Oh no she didn’t!

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The following day, Ang pops in on Renee to find she’s redecorating AJ’s room to make it more comfortable for her son and his girlfriend. Ang is appalled. It looks like a six-year-old boy’s room complete with sports memorabilia and elementary school awards. Renee admits that she’s not a decorator…she just smoked a joint and went to work. Thankfully for AJ (and Andrea!), Ang swoops in to save the day, suggesting that Renrr’s weed smoking–and interior decorating–days be behind her. Also enjoy some family time, Karen and her daughter Karina are getting manicures and sharing in some bonding time. Karen hopes she can impart all the important “need to know” knowledge before her teenager completely shuts her out of her life. Using terms like “on fleek” is only speeding up that process though. Karina has grown into a lovely young lady, and Karen hopes to help her further daughter’s modeling career. Karina needs her momager to step up Kris Jenner style. However, Karen warns that if she ever hears of her daughter making a porno, it won’t make her famous because she’ll be dead at the hands of her mother. 

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As predicted, the newbies are going head-to-head at a lunch sponsored by the ladies. The women are optimistic that they girls can work it out without a brawl, but Brittany arrives looking for a fight…and she’s wearing flats to you know she’s serious. Drita and Ang pull Brittany aside to try to cool her down, but they are failing miserably. I believe Drita actually wants to see the girls go at it. Karen interrupts, hoping that Brittany can handle herself maturely. Brittany basically tells Karen to eff off (not smart) as Marissa arrives. She is not looking for a fight as she’s wearing a string bikini, a cheetah sheet and six inch heels. Brittany notes that she is, in fact, dressed for throw down. I didn’t even notice that she’d braided her hair. Karen heads back to her original table to give Marissa the same speech before leading Marissa to Brittany’s lion’s den. The newbies attempt a discussion, and I think Marissa needs to uncross her legs. Renee is called over to clarify a “cheerleading” comment, and ends up in the middle of a slap fest. 


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