Katie Rost Is Sorry For The PDA; Slams Ashley Darby For Googling And Gossiping

From gossiping about Ashley behind her back and making out with Andrew in front of everyone, I was kind of annoyed by Katie Rost on Real Housewives of Potomac this week.

Not to mention the stunt Katie pulled while Andrew was out of town, which she refused to apologize for in her blog, “Sorry, not sorry. I don’t regret at all making an MRS. dressing room out of the gym Andrew had in the guest bedroom. His townhouse had nothing of my style in it. He told me to make room for myself, so I did. His house reflects 44 years of single life and should stay exactly as is if he wants to be single. If he wants to be in relationship with me, everything needs to embrace me and what my life is like.”


Yeah, I am not convinced Andrew does want to be in a relationship with Katie, but I digress.

Katie went on to say that Andrew needs to embrace the fact that she comes with a dog, a nanny, and three kids, adding, “I wasn’t raised to be satisfied with scraps. I changed a room but I expect the whole house.”

As for whether or not she regretted telling her co-stars about Ashley Darby googling them, Katie said, “This is another sorry, not sorry. I thought googling a new potential friend and then gossiping about her financial problems as Ashley did with Robyn was a sign that she wasn’t really interested in friendship but in social climbing… which is fine, just good to know and filed accordingly.”

Katie continued, “When a friend builds trust with you and tells you their pains and humiliations, it should happen because that is the process of establishing friendship. If you look for sh*t, you absolutely will find it on everyone over the age of 15. Friends do not dig for dirt. They keep your sins under wrap, restore you when you fall, and never highlight your garbage or try to have gotcha moments. I find people often highlighting other’s garbage because they have a filthy, funky pile of their own.”

I may be in the minority, but I don’t think it’s a big deal, nor unusual, that Ashley googled her co-stars. Granted, she didn’t need to share what she learned with Katie, but I think the “that’s not a good friend” argument is a little much. Robyn Dixon and Ashley were only co-workers at this point. I would have googled too.

Katie, thankfully, did apologize for making out with Andrew at the party, “Sorry, yes I can say sorry for my PDA. Andrew and I were role playing that night because we needed some sexy time while the kids were away. I was feeling like a bad girl in my cat dress and I was channeling Katie of 27. I’m blaming Ashley for that. Her ‘grab him by the horns and ride’ suggestion over dinner had me a little hot and bothered. I think it was a bit much and I did apologize for not using ‘proper etiquette’ or just for being gross.”

Because no Real Housewives apology would be complete without a passive aggressive dig tacked onto the end, Katie added, “The friends Andrew and I usually hang out with aren’t as uptight.  I think I should have behaved like it was a job interview and not a party where I could cut loose and get it in.”


Photo Credit: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com