Mob Wives Recap: Impressive Art And Broken Hearts

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I thought maybe watching Mob Wives would get easier, but it didn’t. I’m still so sad for Big Ang’s family and friends, and I want her co-stars to stop engaging in behavior that she would frown upon. Do you hear that ladies? The episode begins with Carla Facciolo, Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano coming to cook for Ang who is recuperating form her lung surgery. While she is in a lot of pain, she’s up and about and anxious to find out if she’ll have to undergo chemotherapy. As the women nosh on a delicious looking spread, Karen shares her disappointment that her father has been denied early release. She blames his name…any other inmate with his record of good behavior would be back on the streets by now. Ang is just happy to toast her friends and be out of the hospital. 

Drita D’avanzo’s daughter Gizelle is celebrating her birthday, and her mother surprises her with the puppy she’s been begging to get for the last few weeks. This brings the miniature dog count in their family to two. Meanwhile, Karen is meeting with Brittany Fogarty, the newbie who must regurgitate everything that’s ever said to her by anyone. Karen complains about the court’s vendetta against her father. While Brittany can somewhat relate, she has never felt like Karen, that she has to defend her own name due to her father’s actions. Karen then decides to try to warn Brittany (yet again) of the pitfalls of being friends with Drita. Brittany hopes that her sharing Drita’s latest beef with Karen wasn’t considered instigating. She didn’t realize the history between the pair, and she’s taking herself out of their issues. Oh really? Their conversation turns to Brittany’s distaste for Carla and Renee, but she agrees to give them one more chance for Karen…since their fathers have so much history together. 


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After her father’s release was denied, Karen is more determined than ever to prove that her father’s persona is more than that of a gangster. She’s decided to partner with a gallery to showcase the drawings he’s done while in jail. After meeting with a curator, Karen is excited to start planning her dad’s exhibit. Across town, Ang is attending the follow-up appointment with her lung surgeon. Ang’s lung hadn’t spread to her lymph nodes, so he is confident the surgery got it all. Her doctor wants to be extremely diligent in monitoring her health, but Ang is ready to celebrate the positive news. It’s so hard to watch knowing she’s gone. 

Fast friends Drita and Brittany are meeting for lunch. Drita goes off on Karen and how she’s living in the past, and Brittany interrupts to tell Drita the same thing she said to Karen…she’s done being in the middle of their feud. Instead, the women turn their aggression towards Brittany’s upcoming Karen-planned meeting with Carla and Renee. The women bond further over the fact that being an ally of Drita means being an enemy of everyone else. At least we have Renee’s ballroom dancing for some lighthearted entertainment. Amirite? Renee’s partner believes she would be a great performer. Dancing with the Stars, are you listening? 

On the night of Karen’s event for her dad’s artwork, she is over the moon about the turnout, and Carla, Ang, and Marissa Jade are there to show their encouragement. Ang gleefully announces to her friends that she is cancer-free, and her friends are thrilled. Karen is even more excited that despite their roller coaster, on-and-off relationship, Storm is at the gallery to support her. When Ang inquires about Brittany’s whereabouts, Karen responds that it’s a classy event, and she wasn’t going to bring Brittany into an environment where she feel confrontational with Carla. Carla can’t believe it…who does Brittany think she is starting shiz with her? 

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It’s time for the dreaded sit-down with Karen, Renee, Carla, and Brittany. Carla is still talking a big game about Brittany’s behavior, but Renee wants to give Brittany the opportunity to explain herself…until Brittany actually arrives. Renee grills Brittany about not being invited to her fashion show, and Carla begins yelling in an attempt to clear the air. When the women start yelling, Ang shows up in hopes of diffusing the situation. Brittany keeps accusing Carla of calling her a flip-flopper, but Ang admits she was the one that coined the phrase. As the women screech over one another, Ang tries to calm her friends. Instead, the women start shushing one another as Karen tries to blame the entire situation on Drita. The women lose it, with Renee screaming that she wouldn’t give two flips if Drita dropped dead. That kind of talk is even uglier in light of Ang’s death. Karen tries to play referee as Carla screams about Drita being Brittany’s teacher. A yelling Brittany decides to plan her exit while hurling insults at Carla. Karen follows, pointing fingers, and pretty soon it’s three against one, but no one attempts anything physical. It’s safe to say that despite their fathers’ relationship, the honeymoon is over for Karen and Brittany. Renee hates to say “I told you so,” but…

The next day, Brittany and Drita go on a walk so that Brittany can recap the volatile events of the night before. Now that there is nothing to salvage with Karen, Brittany feels the need to tell Drita about how Karen went off like a crazy person on Lee when they pair went shopping. Of course, this sends Drita into a whirlwind of swearing which ends in her promising that Karen is going to be dead. Shame on all of y’all for your foolish anger. 


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