This week it seemed like Gizelle Bryant had it out for castmate and self-proclaimed socialite, Katie Rost. But when Katie confronted Gizelle about her shady interrogations, Gizelle uncharacteristically backed down. The Real Housewives of Potomac stars are not done with their beef yet, however, and have taken to their blogs to rehash the drama!

Gizelle first calls Katie out for playing turtle on their girls’ weekend at Ashley Darby’s beach house: i.e. hiding in her shell the whole time. She snarks, “Katie spent the majority of the time locked away in her room, or the bathroom or any corner away from the group. In order for me to be ‘mean’ to Katie I first would need to have an FBI investigation to find her.”


“I didn’t know that Katie is the kind of woman that you can’t say ANYTHING to…now I know and will keep our conversations limited to the color of the sky, tulips and rainbows,” reflects Gizelle. “Brynee and Charisse [Jordan] acting like I was attacking Katie I totally understand because Katie always acts like a wounded bird that needs to be nursed back to health. Again, I wasn’t the first to bring up Katie’s strange party behavior.”

So, was Gizelle concerned about Katie putting a few rumors of her own out there, like how Gizelle maintains multiple sex partners at all times? Gizelle says no. She remains #Unbothered…or at least, she claims to remain so!

Gizelle jokes, “I love to talk about rumors especially when they’re about ME. I love to find out what the streets are saying or what Katie is making up in her fantasy mind. Street Talk Game 101…if you’re going to throw out a rumor then you have to stay and defend your rumor. When you run away faster than Usain Bolt and don’t defend the rumor…well, then everyone thinks what they already know…you’re a LIAR.”

Rather than being put off with Katie’s confrontation after their Old Time Photo Shoot, Gizelle shares that she actually respected Katie’s newly-grown cajones! “When Katie started talking so ‘business like’ with no laughs and giggles I thought well let me get my navy blue business suit, crisp white shirt, and three and a half inch heels. I had never seen an assertive Katie before, this person should show up more often,” blogs Gizelle. 

Moving on to the bigger drama of this week’s episode, Gizelle reacts to Ashley’s husband Michael crashing their girls’ weekend. She argues, “It was a girl’s trip so we were free to run around the house in our lace and thongs if we saw fit. So, with Michael being there the dynamic shifted. Michael owns the house so clearly he can show up whenever he pleases. Furthermore, I’m sure Michael enjoyed sleeping in the house with his wife and six other women. He might have even had a fantasy or two about us all singing the Australian National Anthem.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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