Food Network is now casting Clash of The Grandmas, a cooking competition show looking for fun, vivacious matriarchs with amazing skills in the kitchen for the upcoming season of this show! Each episode features a new selection of four grandmothers (the best of the best) who will be cooking and competing to win a large cash prize.  Last year, the winner received $10,000!  

They’re looking for grandmas that have worked in the food world (restaurants, catering, bakeries, culinary schools, specialty food stores, etc), went to cooking school at some point in life, teach or have taught cooking classes, or have cooked and loved to cook all their life! 

Do you have a grandma to nominate? Are you a grandma who LOVES to cook? 

To NOMINATE a grandma that you know or to APPLY for the show, email [email protected] with the following: 
1.) your and/or your nominee’s name, 
2.) contact info for you and/or nominee (phone number, email address) 
3.) your or nominee’s occupation (or “retired”, if applicable)
4.) your or nominee’s location (city/state)
5.) attach photos of you/nominated grandma (including photos with the kids and/or grandkids and photos of her food if possible) 
6.) and describe your or your nominee’s cooking style, signature dishes and why you believe that you or your nominee would be perfect for this show! 


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