Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa Alleges She Was Raped By Sheriff’s Deputy; Sues OC Sheriff’s Department!

Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives Of Orange County star Lynne Curtin, has filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department alleging that a deputy raped her during what should have been a routine traffic stop! 

After Lynne left RHOC you may remember that Alexa, her younger daughter, briefly dabbled in porn to pay for a nose job and implants. Last year Alexa was arrested for domestic violence for assaulting now husband Michael Devecchio

In the bizarre story of her traffic stop gone horribly, horribly wrong, Alexa reports that in April 2014 she was leaving her boyfriend’s house in Dana Point, CA when she was pulled over by a man she believes was named Deputy Epson


Alexa does not reveal why she was pulled over, but claims Deputy Epson searched her car, finding underwear, then he proceeded to question her about her underwear usage (WTF?!)

After investigating what exactly Alexa does with her underwear, Deputy Epson said he needed to leave to attend to another call but requested she stay there and wait. By the side of the road. Alexa “fearing for her safety” complied!

TMZ reports that he returned 20 minutes later, wearing plain clothes and driving a different vehicle. Alexa describes what happened next as “non-consensual sexual intercourse.” 

Deputy Epson reportedly announced to Alexa, “Since you are still here, I am going to f**k the s**t out of you.” He then jumped into the passenger seat of her car, “digitally penetrated her,” pulled his pants down, and then demanded she straddle him. 

From Alexa’s court documents, OC Weekly describes that Deputy Epson “partially ejaculated inside [her] vagina and partially on the passenger seat.” Afterwards he pulled up his pants and asked for her cell phone number so they could “do this again.” (!!)

Alexa’s attorney says his client “was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained” and “in shock.” She also feared for her future safety, because, “given the deputy’s position, he would find her and harm her again.” 

She did not report the incident to law enforcement out of that fear. As a result of the incident Alexa is suing the OC Sheriff’s Department for illegal search and seizure, and violating her civil rights. 

In another interesting twist, the OC Sheriff’s Department says that there is no one working for them with the last name “Epson“, not now, nor at the time of the alleged incident. However they are taking the allegation seriously and conducting an investigation. Alexa’s attorney has instructed the OCSD to amend the lawsuit to supply the appropriate name of the offending officer pending what their investigation uncovers. 


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