Ashley Darby On Karen Huger: “This B*tch Has a Big Bite!” Plus, Thinks All The RHOP Ladies Are Just Jealous!

Ashley Darby came out of her first reunion (part one anyway) looking fairly decent – at least in her attitude. Considering the fashion faux-pax that was the entire cast (it was truly like a fashion fail drive-by – EVERYONE got hit!), Ashley may have come out looking a teeeeensy bit better than the rest. Sure, she took a bullet or two, but maybe those sequins protected her from grave injury? #PromGownDefense

The spunky Real Housewives of Potomac star reflects on Karen Huger calling her a “stray” on the couches, and how all of the other women are simply jealous – of her man (uh, that’s questionable), her money, and her life. Ashley accuses,”Karen calling me a stray was as blatant as a drag queen’s contour. There’s absolutely no way that can be misconstrued, and as a woman who ‘owns her s***’ she should’ve kept it 100. I’m not sure what pound Karen hangs around, but this bitch has a big bite.” 


Ashley continues calling the ladies out on their “jealousy” issues: “Jealousy manifests itself in many ways, and is rampant among groups of successful and/or attractive women. The ladies of Potomac are no exception. I’m not perfect by any means and have made my share of mistakes, but I have been blessed with the ability to follow my life’s plan. When people see the close relationship I have with my mom; the loving bond I have with my husband; the ambition I have to pursue my dreams; and the eternal love I have for life, insecurity can start to rear its ugly head. No matter what, I can’t consume myself with that – all I can do is worry about moi.”

Touching on the air conditioning issue at her beach house and Andy Cohen siding with Gizelle Bryant on the issue, Ashley defends, “I’m not an asshole – if I’d known ahead of time, I would’ve tried to fix it for my guests. But Gizelle just wanted something else to yap her jaws about and be the center of attention.”

“The bed situation is pure comedy at this point,” jokes Ashley, adding a read on Charrisse Jackson-Jordan for good measure! “Every woman had a place to lay her head, so it’s a MOOT point (please read, Charrisse).” Bwahahahaha! #FraudulentSlip

Ashley circles back to Gizelle, who seemed to be coming hard for her at the reunion, especially when it came to Ashley’s natural hair, which Gizelle essentially called a “huge afro.” Ashley explains what she thinks Gizelle’s deeper issues are: “I feel like Gizelle decided to back track after being called out on her s***. She makes a great deal of effort to make herself look more European, including straightening her hair and dying it blonde. Sure, everyone is entitled to look the way they want but it’s completely wrong to mock others’ choices.”

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“It took me quite some time to get comfortable with my curls, especially when I made the leap two years ago,” blogs Ashley, “I was worried my husband would look at me differently, as I would not have the same appearance as when he met me four years prior. But I was preaching to other people about being true to themselves, while I wasn’t living my own truth. Now I am incredibly proud of my natural hair and rock it all the time! Women like Gizelle, who reference themselves in third person and take a million selfies, need to go on a journey of self-love and get comfortable with the lifelong vehicle they’ve been given to drive.” #PREACH!!!!!!!

Defending her right to google Robyn Dixon, Ashley does admit she feels remorse for hurting her castmate by spreading gossip. “As I’ve said before, I don’t regret googling anyone but I feel bad about gossiping about Robyn’s financial situation. When we talked about it, I felt that it was a time for her to be honest with me. Here we are getting to know each other and if this is affecting your interaction with me, please just put me in the loop. I’d much rather that than the frequent side eye.”

But Ashley doesn’t see any clear path forward with Gizelle at this point, claiming “Gizelle will always stand by her ignorant comments because she is afraid of looking dumb. But I’m just a CAWT – cute ass wife there. Thanks for playing!”


Photo Credit: Bravo